Jumpala Puts Your Skills, Speed, Strategy, And Superpowers To The Ultimate Platforming Test

Independent video game developer Yokereba Games and publisher Versus Evil recently announced the release of Jumpala, their competitive action puzzle-jumper platformer game. Jumpala is available on both Steam and GOG, promo-discounted 10% to just $8.99 until January 26.

Jumpala is billed as a “puzzle/platform/fighting hybrid”, encompassing all three gaming aspects in “a fast-paced competitive game that’s all about superpowers, sabotage, and stage control.” Strategy, speed, and precise control are required to stay ahead of your opponents as you each battle to lay claim to numerous platforms and earn the most points to win each match.

Jumpala currently features seven characters you can choose from, and each character has their own unique ability that helps them move around each level, or can be used to hinder their opponents’ movements. The object is to claim a platform by landing on it and turning it to your character’s color and causing it to ‘fall’ off the level stage. While you claim platforms, your character’s Special meter builds up energy, and when it’s full, you can use your character’s special power. Sadly, the press release and game descriptions on various other pages don’t list all of the characters and their special powers. However, the Jumpala – Official Trailer does name four of the seven characters, and their powers seem to be somewhat tied to their names.

For example, Lola wields a sword they can use to cut down opponents with, and Cid seems to be able to change multiple platforms to their color at the same time. Frore can use the power of ice to briefly freeze opponents in place, and to freeze platforms so they can’t be captured by others. And Bommer, well, Bommer can do what you probably suspect – bomb things, including opponents, as well as platforms. The last three characters seem to be a ninja clad in purple, a green-suit wearing bearded fellow with a dubious look, and an anthropomorphic fox wearing a one-piece gym clothes set and goggles.

Jumpala also features multiple play modes, with the standard mode being a four-player free-for-all competition. A 2v2 player mode is also available, as well as 1v1, and you can play against game-controlled AI characters. Local and online co-op play modes are available, as well.

Spring over to the Twitter channels for Yokereba Games and Versus Evil for more info.

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