Justin Roiland Investigated Over Rick & Morty Writer Harassment In 2020

After some deliberation, the companies that worked with Justin Roiland across his multiple projects decided to cut ties with him in late January. This came after shocking allegations of domestic battery and false imprisonment came to light, with Roiland currently set to appear in court after entering a not-guilty plea.

However, it seems that those close to Roiland had complained of his behaviour long before we learned of his felony charges. According to a new report, Roiland was notoriously unreliable from the production of Rick & Morty's third season onwards. He was even said to have been investigated by Cartoon Network following instances of alleged sexual harassment, which involved discussing his sex life in the writers' room.

This new information comes from the Hollywood Reporter, which spoke to several sources involved with both Rick & Morty and Roiland's other project, Solar Opposites.

Roiland's alleged behaviour seems to have worsened during Rick & Morty's third season – the first that included women in the writers' room. During this time, he reportedly "paraded a high-profile porn star" through the workplace, "openly discussed threesomes", and was involved in an incident of alleged sexual harassment. He is also said to have sent "really creepy" texts to female coworkers.

As per the report, Roiland was investigated by Cartoon Network in 2020 over complaints of "inappropriate workplace conduct". The results of this investigation are not known.

Even outside of complaints over sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour, the sources paint a picture of someone who is incredibly hard to work with on a professional level. Whether it's stories of Roiland sabotaging story pitches or going out to buy toys during his shifts, sources complain that the co-creator had long stopped taking his job seriously. A split between Roiland and fellow co-creator Dan Harmon was apparent as early as the second season, with many feeling that it was "easier when Roiland wasn’t in the room."

With this in mind, it seems that the crew are prepared to continue the show without him. According to their accounts, he had only been providing the voice work for Rick and Morty, and even did that from home. He allegedly had a similar arrangement for his other shows, Solar Opposites and Koala Man.

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