Kao The Kangaroo: The Hungry Jungle Walkthrough

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Kao The Kangaroo's The Hungry Jungle is home to a village filled with monkeys and gorillas. They are seemingly a little juice obsessed, as you will be able to tell from the barrels of the stuff lining this majestic jungle. The Hungry Jungle is a hub stage, so it doesn't contain any enemies. However, much like Hopalloo Island before it, there are still a ton of collectibles lying around.

We will provide both a coherent path that will take you to each of these collectibles, as well as a quick reference guide that will help you find the odd collectible you may have missed. As is the case for all hubs in this game, there will be multiple runes that will not appear until after you have finished certain stages. Worry not, if you follow this guide you will acquire every collectible easily.

Step-By-Step Collectible Guide

Treasure Chests1
Extra Lives0
Heart Pieces0

You will start The Hungry Jungle on the dock. From the dock, head straight while hugging the right side of the stage. Just across the little pond, you will find your first crystal (1/7). Now, head toward the little bridge that goes into the town proper. You will see a cave-like tunnel on your left. There is a scroll (1/2) in front of the tunnel; grab it. The second crystal (2/7) is also in that tunnel! And lastly, upon exiting said tunnel, you will see the second scroll (2/2).

Now, to your left there is a waterfall. Move through it, and you will be inside a cave. In this cave there is a treasure chest. Go grab it. On your way up to the treasure chest, you will encounter another crystal (3/7). Once you leave the waterfall cave, walk around the waterwheel, and you will see a crystal (4/7) sitting under the deck (right next to the gate to the Monkey Park stage).

Start making your way to the eastern section of the map (the opposite end from the waterfall). Follow the shoreline, and you will find another crystal (5/7) hidden in some bushes (it is by the water, just below where the gate to The Jungle Throne level is). Keep following the shoreline until you reach a bridge made of rocks. Cross this bridge and head straight. Climb the giant tree stumps, and you will find another crystal (6/7). It is right beside the gate to the River Track stage.

Now, follow the shoreline (moving away from The Jungle Throne level gate, and you will find some monkeys chilling out on the beach. Tucked away behind some boxes is another crystal (7/7). Jump on the nearby trampoline to collect some easy coins and put you on the other side of the beach. There is a rune (1/3) there just begging to be snatched up.

At this point, you should have every single collectible that is available from the onset. The rest will require that you complete certain stages. Once you have completed The Durian Valley you will be able to find a rune (2/3) above the gate guarding the River Track stage. Once you have completed the River Track stage you will be able to acquire the final rune (3/3). It is sitting on the rope bridge that is near the waterfall. And that should be everything

Where To Find The Runes

Rune 1This rune is right next to the level gate for the Durian Jungle stage.
Rune 2This is above the gate to the River Track stage (available after you complete The Durian Valley).
Rune 3On the rope bridge near the waterfall (available after you complete the River Track stage).

Where To Find The Crystals

Crystal 1This crystal is found on the left side of the pond near the dock at the beginning of the stage.
Crystal 2You can find this crystal in the tunnel left of the bridge that leads you into the town.
Crystal 3This crystal is found in the cave behind the waterfall (which is next to the giant waterwheel).
Crystal 4You can find this crystal beside the waterwheel, under the dock.
Crystal 5This crystal is located close to the gate for "The Jungle Throne" stage. It is next to the water, hidden in some bushes.
Crystal 6You can find this crystal just above the gate for the River Track stage gate.
Crystal 7The last crystal is in the back corner of the stage, right next to the Durian Jungle level gate.

Where To Find The Scrolls

Scroll 1This scroll is located in front of the tunnel you will encounter on your left just as you enter the town proper.
Scroll 2The second scroll is shockingly close to the first as it is on the other side of the same tunnel (which is located on your left just as you enter town).

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