Kingdom Hearts 3 Mickey Plush Now Up For Preorder

Mickey Mouse will be marching to your homes soon as his Kingdom Hearts 3 plush ships sometime in June. To get your hands on one, you can preorder on the Square Enix store. Thanks KH13 for the heads up!

Standing at nearly 11 inches tall, this Mickey costs $54.99 and is currently 10% off. It might be expensive for what it is, but Square Enix added a bunch of details that help soothe the blow to your wallet. This plush is certainly unique for Disney fans as he has a black robe. His hood can be put on too. He also has a plaid trim. Something that we haven’t noticed until now is that there’s a Mickey Mouse symbol on the bottom of his clown-like shoes.

If you’d like to give King Mickey some companions, Donald, Goofy, and Chip & Dale are available to purchase. They’re all in their Kingdom Hearts get up, which once again could be an awesome collectible for diehard Disney fans. Donald and Goofy are shipping this month, while Chip & Dale are scurrying out of the factory in February. We guess that Chip & Dale are too preoccupied with the gummi ship! All four of these plushes aren’t on sale right now at a full $59.99 price tag each.

Square Enix warns Mouseketeers on the store page the release date may change down the line and that shipping may take longer than expected due to customs and duties.

Kingdom Hearts fans recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Re:coded, a DS title that was critically panned but received fairly well by fans. It offered more variety in gameplay styles like turn-based combat and a new experience system that changed up the formula. Dedicated Kingdom Hearts fans can also read the first manga volume of the KH3 adaptation. In the past, these books have given more context to the story, so it might be worth checking out if you’re a diehard.

Kingdom Hearts collectibles are coming thick and fast, and it’s a refreshing change for fans who have wanted to put fun little knick-knacks on their shelf for the longest time. Who knew we’d have a themed Rubik’s Cube?

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