Kingdom Hearts 3 Modder Gives Sora Thunder Surge, Proves How Broken It Is

A Kingdom Hearts 3 modder has added Thunder Surge into the game, proving once again how broken it is.

Upon hearing the word Thunder Surge, you either scratch your head confusingly or applaud the one move that can make Birth By Sleep a total cakewalk. It is to Birth By Sleep what Balloonra is to Dream Drop Distance or Attraction Flow to Kingdom Hearts 3. With how creative the modding scene is for Kingdom Hearts 3, it was only a matter of time until Sora got the series' most overpowered move.

Birth By Sleep is not a difficult game overall, but its super bosses are incredibly brutal. The fight against the Mysterious Figure is one of the series' hardest and is practically begging you to play dirty. Thunder Surge, which causes an electric circle to appear around your character as you surge forward, is the perfect way to do this, as it's pretty much unstoppable and can be comboed fast enough to stun-lock any enemy.

Kingdom Hearts modder Trueblade Seeker is working on a mod that adds Thunder Surge to Sora's arsenal in Kingdom Hearts 3, somehow also proving how cheap the move really is. In a new video showcasing the mod, which is set to be released soon, Sora is seen fighting Young Xehanort (or, the Mysterious Figure, if you hadn't worked it out) and using the move against him.

In a scene that will make any Birth By Sleep player feel like they're back in 2010, Sora is seen repeatedly using Thunder Surge against Young Xehanort and locking him into place, easily taking away bars off his health and giving him no chance to attack back. Considering how difficult of a boss he is, he's had this coming for some time.

Regarding the mod, Trueblade Seeker said, "Technically, it's a combination of Thunder Surge and Thunderbolt command-style finisher, both from Birth By Sleep – so the move should be Thunderbolt Surge… it normally doesn't do this much damage to Young Xehanort since he takes half the damage from lightning damage".

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