Kingdom Hearts 4 Is Bringing Back Reaction Commands

Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that reaction commands will be making a comeback in Kingdom Hearts 4.

One of the most popular gameplay mechanics found in Kingdom Hearts 2 was reaction commands, which would let the player perform special actions if they pressed triangle at the right time. Although players loved them, some complained they made the game too easy, so they weren't included in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Nomura seems to have changed his mind on Reaction Commands, however, as he's now confirmed in an interview with Famitsu that the mechanic will be making a comeback in Kingdom Hearts 4. He said, "After the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, I saw a lot of voices hoping for the revival of the reaction command, so I revived it".

Nomura also confirmed that the section of gameplay we saw where Sora summons a drill made out of light is the new version of reaction commands. This was pointed out by several members of the Kingdom Hearts community when the trailer dropped, as the sudden appearance of a quick-time event was very reminiscent of some reaction commands in Kingdom Hearts 2 that required the player to mash the button.

It's not clear if reaction commands are going to be included in Kingdom Hearts 4 in the same way as they were in the second game, as we only get to see one example of it during the trailer. It also raises questions as to whether Keyblade Transformations will return, as they also used the triangle button and would likely clutter things by having both available at once.

That wasn't the only new detail that Nomura confirmed in the interview, as he also revealed that the apartment that we see Sora in at the start of the game will act as a "base" for the early parts of the game. He also confirmed that the last command on the command menu stands for "build", but didn't want to give away any more information about it just yet.

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