Kingdom Hearts Collector Shows Off Rare "First Keyblade"

A Kingdom Hearts collector has shown off the "first Keyblade", an incredibly rare piece of merchandise that gave us a first look at the series' iconic weapon.

Keyblades are a key (pun intended) part of Kingdom Hearts' identity and one of the most recognisable pieces of weaponry in gaming history. They've been associated with Kingdom Hearts ever since the game was first revealed at E3 2001, and a Kingdom Hearts collector has a piece of merchandise that proves that fact.

KHWaterBlock, a Kingdom Hearts merchandise collector, took to Twitter to show off the rare piece of Kingdom Hearts history. It's a Keyblade keychain, similar to the sort that you can buy now, but the history behind it is far more interesting than that. There are also some key differences, such as the logo on the side being the beta Kingdom Hearts logo, rather than the iconic one featuring a heart that we know now.

KHWaterBlock said, "Original and Extremely Rare Sealed "Not for Sale" Kingdom Chain Keyblade Keychain from E3 2001 SquareSoft Booth at the VERY FIRST Ever Reveal of Kingdom Hearts. This keychain is known as the "First Keyblade". Why is it known as that you ask? Well, During E3 2001, this was the debut of the games signature weapon to the general public for the very first time."

As you might expect from that description, this keychain is incredibly rare, and Square Enix made viewers earn it, "E3 is known for its freebies that companies give out to those who attend, so Squaresoft gave out these Keyblade Keychains to those and ONLY those who watched the entire presentation and their B-Roll video of their new upcoming releases. It was about 14 minutes in length."

It's not just the old Kingdom Hearts logo that dates this piece of merch either, as the old Squaresoft logo can be seen emblazoned on the side of the Keyblade. For a series that continues to use Keyblades as important piece of its advertising, it's a great look back at what would eventually become iconic.

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