Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory PS4 Pre-Order Comes With A Free Theme

Good news, Kingdom Hearts fans! Those who pre-order Melody of Memory on the PlayStation 4 will snag themselves a “Simple and Clean” theme for free.

Starting today, you’ll be able to make your PS4 home screen a “Sanctuary” with a theme that features Sora, Donald, and Goofy in a Final Fantasy Theatrhythm-like style. Your PS4 is “where fears and lies melt away” during a play session, after all. The theme also heavily uses the iconic symbols of the series matched with a gold aesthetic. It makes you wish the system itself could look this fancy.

However, this deal is a limited-time offer as you won’t be able to get the theme alongside the game after December 31, 2020.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is an upcoming action rhythm game that features the incredible soundtracks from Yoko Shimomura and Utada Hikaru, among others. It will feature over 140 songs from across the series with popular tracks like “Rage Awakened” and “Working Together” and more obscure treasures such as “Sinister Showdown” and “Vim and Vigor.” The Disney characters we all know and love (like Beast, Simba, and Mulan) will also join Sora and the gang during this musical journey.

Melody of Memory also touts an online multiplayer mode with over 20 playable characters throughout Kingdom Hearts history. Whether or not it will be crossplay is yet to be confirmed.

Casual Kingdom Hearts fans may not know this, but Melody of Memory will be continuing the storyline of the series into its second phase, despite it being a rhythm game. At the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora was left stranded in another realm, far away from his home Destiny Islands. Kairi, determined to find her love, is sent on a journey to discover where he is by dreaming. While most of the game will be in its classic PS2-like graphics, the cutscenes will be displayed within the Kingdom Hearts 3 engine.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Melody is releasing on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 13, 2020. Japanese fans will be able to play it two days earlier, so beware of spoilers that week!

We may hear more details about the game later this month during the Tokyo Game Show.

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