Kingdom Hearts Streamer Beats Sephiroth With A Dance Pad

Kingdom Hearts streamer and content creator SarahKey has defeated Sephiroth by using a dance pad from Dance Dance Revolution. She finished the infamous boss from the original game by just using her feet.

What makes this even more impressive is that she beat him with her Proud mode save at Level 100. For those who don’t know Proud is actually the hardest difficulty in the game.  In the past, SarahKey has finished Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II with the dance pad on Beginner mode, but this time, she went all out.

She played the PS4 version of Kingdom Hearts with a controller converter that translated her dance pad inputs into the game. Some watching the video might be confused by her pressing O instead of X to attack, but she explained in her video description that it was easier to place her foot on.

Sephiroth is a secret boss that can only be played when you beat the dreaded Hades Cup, and lives up to his reputation as the One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII. He is incredibly difficult even for the most dedicated of Kingdom Hearts fan with his long reaching strikes and insane meteoric fire powers. It’s tough just for those with a controller, let alone a dance pad. She had to rely on the ability, “Leaf Bracer” to survive in this fight.

SarahKey is an upbeat variety streamer with a key focus on Kingdom Hearts, who has 81.7K followers at the time of writing. She hopes with every stream she does that she brightens someone’s day.

The original Kingdom Hearts captured our hearts back in 2002 with an engrossing story that combined the Disney & Final Fantasy characters we know and love. It’s always had little references to the movies and games it takes liberties with. For example, The Grand Chef keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 3 has Gusteau’s cookbook from Ratatouille as a keychain.

The next entry will be Melody of Memory, which is scheduled to release sometime this year. It will be a music game that features the soundtracks from past Kingdom Hearts titles and will be canon to the story. Perhaps SarahKey can rhythmically play the game with a dance pad!

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