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  • Vision 6-1: Cress, The Moon Kingdom
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  • Vision 6-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones
  • Vision 6-2: The Prism Corridor
  • Vision 6-2: Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 6-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs
  • Vision 6-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

Finally, the moment has come. We have reached the last vision in Klonoa: Door To Phantomile. In order to do so, you will have had to collect all the Phantomilians in the previous ten stages. This vision is your reward! And with it, Door To Phantomile is prepared to hit you with a bit of everything. This final pair of stages pulls out all the stops and delivers a brutal final platforming challenge!

While you may feel vaguely intimidated, worry not. We have gotten you this far, and we aren't giving up on you now. We will have to the location of the final 12 Phantomilians. And we will take you through how to acquire every last Dream Stone. Dare to dream!

Vision 6-1: Cress, The Moon Kingdom

Cress is an interesting place filled with color-coded obstacles. Naturally, you are going to need to clear all the obstacles to progress. While it may appear as though this stage is a little more open-ended, the truth is that Cress is pretty linear. If you ever get lost, just look for the dust colored the same as the most recent crystal you destroyed.

Vision 6-1: Where To Find All The Phantomilians

Before you have cleared any of the obstacles, you will be funneled into an area that features pots on a conveyor belt of sorts. Hovering above will be the first Phantomilian (1/6). Hop up, hit them with your Wind Ring, and free them. In the section following this, you will contend with armored moos on pots. This section has another Phantomilian (2/6) just waiting to be rescued. They are hovering by the birds and pretty hard to miss.

After destroying the green obstacles, the next section will focus more on dealing with ghosts and trying to prevent being knocked off platforms while doing so. The next Phantomilian (3/6) will be waiting for you in the room with the elevator. This is pretty much on the main path, so, once again, not easy to miss. The next Phantomilian (4/6) will be encountered as you are facing off against hordes of exploding boomies. This Phantomilian is in the heart of a swarm of spiked balls. So, you are going to have time your jump perfectly if you want to avoid taking damage.

Next, just after you clear the green obstacles, you will see a Phantomilian guarded by a gang of birds. Grab the nearby boomie and throw it at them. After they all explode, free the fifth Phantomilian (5/6).

On your way to destroying the yellow crystal, and ridding yourself of the final obstacle, this Phantomilian will be floating underneath the main platform. You will need to follow a trail of disappearing crystalline platforms in order to grab it. Just use your ability to float to buy time and the platforms will reconstitute by the time you need them. Grab the Phantomilian (6/6) and you will have gotten all of them for this stage!

Vision 6-1: Where To Find The Ngapoko Egg

After clearing the green obstacle, you will encounter a Ngapoko Egg soon after. It has a coin inside. Uh… that's it.

Vision 6-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

Right next to the fourth Phantomilian, there is a line of Dream Stones that are just out of reach. Worse yet, you seemingly can't take an enemy into this area with you. Luckily, you can grab the nearby boomie, throw them into this area, then pick them back up and perform a super jump using them. Just be careful to not have it explode while you are holding it.

After destroying the yellow crystal, you will encounter another Mirror Spirit section. Start it by throwing the bird enemy at the Mirror Spirit, then just collect all the Dream Stones. There really isn't much of a trick to this one. There are those crystalline platforms that disappear, but you won't be on any of them long enough for that to matter. Honestly, this section isn't too tough.

Vision 6-2: The Prism Corridor

The Prism Corridor is the final stage of the game. It contains some of the hardest to gather collectibles, too. However, instead of stashing them somewhere and hoping you will miss them, it puts nearly all of them out in the open. They just require a lot of precise platforming to reach and a fumble in this stage often means death. However, we will at least be able to prepare you for what is to come. So, buckle up, as this may be a bit of a bumpy ride!

Vision 6-2: Where To Find All The Phantomilians

The first Phantomilian (1/6) isn't hidden, but it requires a little tricky platforming to get. You will be jumping across a bridge of tiny floating platforms, all the while being pursued by a moo. Grab that moo while they are jumping at you. Now, do a boosted jump to get up to the Phantomilian floating above. Soon after, you will find the next Phantomilian (2/6) wedged under a platform that has a fast-moving spiked ball protecting it. Just try to run behind it. If you mess up, there is a heart refill nearby, so the stakes aren't that high.

The third Phantomilian is obtained in another one of those sections where you jump across those tiny platforms. This one ends with a line of birds. Just jump up, grab each bird, and perform a series of boosted jumps. You will be able to grab hold of the Phantomilian (3/6) floating up above them easily enough. The next Phantomilian is close to the section that has two Ngapoko eggs together. If you drop down to the right, a Phantomilian (4/6) will be waiting for you.

The fifth Phantomilian is obtained in the final section with those tiny platforms. This one will have a giant moo chasing you. The platforming section will end with a line of birds (much like that last one). However, they will be out of reach! So, you will have to grab one of the smallers moos pursuing you so that you can use them to super jump your way up to the row of birds. Then, you will grab each bird and perform a series of boosted jumps (again). The fifth Phantomilian (5/6) is just above them.

The final Phantomilian (6/6) is pretty anticlimactic. They are just sitting in a little crevice near the giant spinning enemy. Just grab a nearby baddie and toss them at it. That's it! You got them all!

Vision 6-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

A little to the right of the second Phantomilian, you will find a Ngapoko Egg. It contains a heart refill. You will come to a section where there are two Ngapoko eggs floating together. However, if you backtrack a little, there is an invisible egg on the disappearing golden platform just before these two eggs. That's right, nearly all the Ngapoko eggs in this stage are grouped together. The hidden one has a coin, and the other two hold Dream Stones and a heart refill.

Vision 6-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

Surprisingly, this is actually one of the easier stages to get 150 Dream Stones in. It is super important to remember to kill the giant moos. They drop Dream Stones that you need. So, the first time you see a new giant moo, kill it. Beyond that, the Mirror Spirit section is dead simple. Just don't float at all, you don't have time for that (obviously). Honestly, if you get all the Phantomilians, and you don't forget to get the Dream Stones from the giant enemies, you probably won't have a hard time getting all the Dream Stones in this stage.

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