Kojima denies Silent Hill rumours, major project cancelled

Hideo Kojima himself has now addressed the rumour that he is working on a Silent Hill game, calling it ‘false.’

Despite Konami’s insistence that it’s not true, it’s still widely believed that a new Silent Hill game is in the works.

Early on, it was even suspected that Hideo Kojima was back on board, revitalising hope that Silent Hills would finally see the light of the day.

That side of the rumour seems to have been discarded, but in case you still believed that it might be true, Kojima himself has discredited it.

In an interview with Japanese outlet Livedoor (as translated by VGC), Kojima was asked about the rumour, to which he simply replied with ‘that’s completely false.’

One could argue that Kojima might be trying to throw people off though, as he does have a reputation for being deliberately misleading.

Metal Gear Solid 2 famously advertised Solid Snake as the main character, but upon playing it, fans found him quickly shoved to the side and replaced with new character Raiden.

In this instance, though, it does seem very unlikely that Kojima would ever collaborate with Konami again given the circumstances surrounding his departure from the company.

Kojima did reiterate that he is hard at work on his next project, though he couldn’t provide any details due to it still being in the early stages of development.

At the very least, we know that he has the money to do it, as he confirmed that Death Stranding was enough of a financial success to turn a profit, and it only stands to make more money from its upcoming PC release.

However, he did have another major project in the pipeline that has now been cancelled, which he is openly unhappy about.

‘Recently a major project of mine got cancelled so I’m pretty p***ed, but that’s the games industry for you.’

As for Silent Hill, it was announced recently that the series is crossing over with Dead By Daylight, with a themed DLC expansion coming with the iconic Pyramid Head.


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