Kojima Productions Teases "Exciting Updates" On Its Social Channels Tomorrow

Kojima Productions has revealed that it has “some exciting updates” to reveal tomorrow, or tonight for those of you reading in the US.

Silent Hill fans have been hoping for a long time that the horror franchise would be making a return on PS5. However, at the time of typing this, there has still been no official confirmation that is ever going to happen. Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami five years ago made it seem as if a Silent Hill reboot might never happen, and also threw the future of the Metal Gear series into disarray.

There have been further rumors since Kojima’s departure, following which Kojima Productions became an independent developer, that he and Konami have some sort of secret deal. A deal under which the two companies have continued to work together to complete the long-rumored Silent Hill reboot. Again, there has been nothing concrete to support this, but a tweet sent this morning has got the mill turning yet again.

“We’ll be delivering some exciting updates you won’t want to miss!” Kojima productions tweeted this morning. As for when you can expect those updates, the information will be dropping across all of Kojima’s social media channels at 5 am GMT/12 am EST on December 16, 2020. For those of you without a calendar handy, that’s tomorrow, or tonight for some of you depending on the time difference. The updates are in honor of Kojima Productions’ fifth anniversary.

A long-awaited Silent Hill reboot appears to be at the top of many wishlists. Some Metal Gear news would also be very welcome. The most likely reveal is something connecting Death Stranding and PS5. Considering the release date and expected longevity of Death Stranding, it seems a little strange that there has been no mention of the game coming to PS5.

Kojima himself has admitted that Death Stranding didn’t perform as well as expected which might explain a lack of next-gen crossover. Back to the announcement, and take note of the word “updates”. The implication that Kojima has more than one thing to reveal tomorrow. Stay glued to Kojima’s social media channels and TheGamer to make sure you’re the first to know what the developer has planned. Until then, check out our guide on how to find and meet a virtual version of Kojima in Cyberpunk.

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