Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society – The Apse Painting Puzzle Guide

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As you play through Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society, you’ll come across various puzzles you’ll need to complete in this NIS JRPG. Once you reach the Apse dungeon, you’ll come across seven paintings on the wall with a locked door nearby, requiring you to find the right combination if you want to reach a new area.

However, finding the right combination may be challenging. Depending on your preferred approach, you can make it easier by looking up the answer online or finding out how you’ll find the answer. That way, you’ll save time rather than hoping you come across the answer.

How To Find The Answer

First, you must reach the puzzle room on Apse Floor 1. You’ll find it in the southeast corner of the dungeon, so head in that direction. You’ll know you found the correct room once you see multiple paintings on the wall with a Red Event in front of you.

As you talk with the man in the room, he’ll mention that you must interact with three paintings to get to the next room. Doing so requires you to straighten them out, but you have many possible combinations, making it too time-consuming to guess and check the answer.

Instead, you can save up enough Mana to purchase the Shine Light Fantiebility for 18,000 Mana. You can quickly get it on this floor by fighting enemies and going to Mana points. You’ll get it in a short amount of time, then you can use the ability to detect magic whenever you come across it.

Once you purchase it, you can use it when you enter the room. Each of the paintings you must activate will have a glow on the ground in front of them. Once you straighten the three crooked paintings, the door will unlock, giving you access to a new area.

Once you select the correct three paintings and open the door, the game will automatically remember it, so you won’t have to type the code in again. However, you shouldn’t return to the event point since doing so will reset the paintings, requiring you to select them again.

How To Complete The Puzzle

You’ll enter the room from the north entrance to complete the puzzle. You have the east wall, the west wall, and another wall behind the pillar.

For the east wall, you’ll want to straighten the middle painting. For the west wall, the correct option will be the north-most painting, in the northwest corner of the room. As for the pillar, you’ll have a painting on the south side of it, so activate the painting, and you’ll unlock the door.

Even though you can complete the puzzle without the Shine Light Fantiebility, you should unlock it in the future since it'll let you see magic-related items and invisible platforms.

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