'League of Legends' Upcoming Updates Will Make It Easier To Surrender Games

After being touched upon earlier this year, Riot Games has now revealed some upcoming changes to League of Legends behavioral system.

Set to roll out September for the end of the current season, the changes will include an earlier surrender option and LP mitigation. The updates look to combat the number of AFKs and the dreaded “15 min GG” that have plagued the game for years. Following implementation in some test regions, Riot saw players reach the AFK punishment threshold faster but then a reduction in repeat offenses. Improvements to its detection system has also resulted in a 500 percent spike in punishments for intentionally feeding and griefers.

Set to roll out in the 10.22 update is the new surrender system, which will refresh the surrender cooldown and alert teams when an AFK player is detected allowing them to surrender immediately. While 10.24 update will see the implementation of an LP mitigation system that ranked players have been calling for, for a while. Meaning any LP loss will be reduced when a defeat was a result of an AFK or leaver. Riot Games notes that the system will not be abusable, this doesn’t mean that every game with an AFK player is a free mulligan. We’re going to take into account how the game was going before the player AFKed.”

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