Left 4 Dead 2’s Last Stand Update Drops New Trailer, Launches September 24

It’s been well over a decade since the last time Left 4 Dead 2 fans have seen new content. Despite a die hard fanbase that has been eagerly waiting for a new game, Valve hasn’t been able to deliver. Now, thanks to the work of around thirty Left 4 Dead 2 fans in partnership with Valve, the Last Stand update is finally coming to PC on September 24, and you can watch a brand new trailer for it now.

The Last Stand will bring some pretty significant changes to Left 4 Dead 2, and you could even consider it as an expansion of sorts. Twenty brand new maps will be added to the 2010 classic, along with new melee weapons, reworked animations, an updated PVP system, and unused dialogue from the game’s files.

This is an update made by fans for fans, and even if you haven’t played Left 4 Dead 2 since 2010, it’s deserving of your attention. In the trailer, you can check out a few of the new locations and features, and it’s made clear that the dedicated team behind this project put some serious effort in.

The Last Stand should come as great news for fans, especially considering that Valve recently revealed it had been working on Left 4 Dead 3 before cancelling it for what would become Half Life: Alyx. The title was planned to be an open world game set in Morocco, and sounded like a dream for fans of the first two games.

Instead, Valve went on to create what many consider to be the greatest VR game of all time in Half Life: Alyx. Even then, Left 4 Dead heads couldn’t help but feel left behind. It may have taken the work of the actual fans themselves, but we finally have a reason to get excited about Left 4 Dead again.

The update will be live on PC starting September 24. There is no news as to whether or not it will be coming to console, but it doesn’t seem likely. Hopefully The Last Stand will reinvigorate the series and justify Valve working on a true sequel some time in the near future. Maybe we’ll even see a Half-Life: Alyx-style Left 4 Dead VR game? Fingers crossed!

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