LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Challenges In Every Episode 4 Level

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A New Hope is one of the three episodes you can start from in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. You will battle Stormtroopers as they invade your ship as Leia, escape the mighty Deathstar, and engage in a deadly dog fight with Darth Vader himself. As you do all of this, you will also have the opportunity to complete a number of hidden challenges. That is where this guide comes in.

From where to find the secret room on the Deathstar, to how to flush the Stormtroopers in the vast expanse of space, all these challenges, and how to best approach them, will be dealt with. We'll even give you tips on how to acquire that True Jedi title in every last level.

Boarding Party

Challenge NameDescription
Sometimes I Amaze MyselfDefeat an enemy with an explosive canister
I Suggest A New StrategyDefeat a Stormtrooper with their own weapon
Vacuumed Up!Flush Stormtroopers out into space.

These challenges won't pose much of an issue. Shoot the first batch of Stormtroopers and collect their armor (you will need all three pieces). Once you have a full set, you will have access to their weaponry. Just throw a grenade at one of them and you will clear the "I Suggest A New Strategy" challenge.

Next, when you encounter the second set of Stormtroopers, aim for the red canisters on the walls (there are a few spread throughout the stage). They will take off and collide with troops. This will get you the "Sometimes I Amaze Myself" challenge.

Lastly, you will encounter a forking path. On the left will be a cracked door, on the right a wall of flames. Pull the nearby handle with your grappling gun. Now, it will give you the option to build one of two devices. Build the water canon, put out the fire, and use the terminal at the back of the room. This will open the doors to the outside, sending the troops into space and completing the "Vacuumed Up!" challenge.

The True Jedi achievement shouldn't be particularly hard to achieve. The walls are lined with burstable pipes, water coolers, sirens, computers and a million other things that will give you studs if you destroy them. You are looking for 100,000 studs. So, don't run to R2-D2 and C-3PO until you have that many.

Hunk Of Junk

Challenge NameDescription
Absolute ScoundrelUse the environment to your advantage against the Stormtroopers
Don't Get Cocky!Defeat 3 Stormtroopers with hidden turrets.
Chewie, Get Us Out Of Here!Find Different ways of blocking the Stormtrooper reinforcements.

To start off, during the very first gunfight, switch to Han Solo. Use his scoundrel ability to aim at the scaffolding above the Stormtroopers and bring it down on their heads. This will clear the "Absolute Scoundrel" challenge. Now, if you go to the entrance directly to the right of the area where you dropped the scaffolding on those Stormtroopers, you can destroy some objects in front of another entrance and build a turret using the bricks. This will clear the "Don't Get Cocky!" challenge. If the turret gets destroyed before it takes out three Stormtroopers, you can rebuild it.

Progress with the mission until you get to the section where you activate the elevators. Travel to the second level, use RS-D2 (or another astromech droid) to interact with the terminal and close all the shutters. That will clear the "Chewie, Get Us Out Of Here" challenge.

Make sure to get all the two Minikits up here before you close the shutters with R2-D2

You need 80,000 studs to get the True Jedi achievement, but that isn't a whole lot when you consider how much stuff there is to destroy in the environment. If you are a little short near the end, just focus on maintaining a long combo on the endless waves of Stormtroopers and you will easily be able to get the remaining studs necessary.

Best Leia’d Plans

Challenge NameDescription
Boring Conversation AnywayBreak the console panel to cut off the Empire Captain
Slight Weapons MalfunctionClear out the detention block guards like a true scoundrel.
Your Weapon, You Will Not Need ItGet through the first floor without being detected.

In this stage, we are going to progress as normal, but we are going to make sure to not shoot anyone. You should avoid smashing things to get studs, as well. That will tip the Stormtroopers off (shockingly). Once you unlock the elevator and move to the detention block, you will have completed the "Your Weapon, You Will Not Need It" challenge.

You are going to want to switch to Chewie when you reach the detention block. He can shoot the structure above the prison guards using his scoundrel shot. It only needs to fall on one of them to earn you the "Slight Weapons Malfunction" challenge.

If the guards start off by attacking you, they won't be under the structure making it harder to claim the "Slight Weapons Malfunction" challenge. However, if you get one to start punching you, you can use your scoundrel shot, run under the structure yourself, and the guard will follow you (lining them up to have it fall on their head).

Finally, after clearing out the detention guards, just shoot the command console while Han is talking to the Captain. This will complete the "Boring Conversation Anyway" challenge.

For the True Jedi achievement, you are going to maybe struggle to hit the necessary 60,000 studs while you are also completing the "Your Weapon, You Will Not Need It" challenge. It may be better to pick up the achievement when you come back around in the free-play mode to collect the Minikits. There are a ton of studs available once you start grappling up to the other levels.

This Is Some Rescue

Challenge NameDescription
BullseyeFind a more uncivilized way to help Luke & Leia
For LuckDiscover an alternate method across the gap to escape the Stormtroopers
Special EditionDiscover the hidden room within the Death Star.

In order to complete the "Bullseye" challenge, when Luke and Leia are trapped behind the door, simply jump up onto the ledge and shoot the red button that is above the door.

The "Special Edition" challenge appears to only be available in the free-play mode. The door behind the hiding commander, the one who has the door key card, has golden bars that need to be melted using a bounty hunter-class character.

You will need that bounty hunter character again to complete the "For Luck" challenge. When you get to the room where you face off against a horde of Stormtroopers hiding behind barricades, the door behind them has those same gold supports. Melt them, enter into the room behind the door, switch to an astromech droid, and use them to interact with the terminal. This will extend the bridge and complete the challenge.

The True Jedi goal is achieved upon reaching 55,000 studs. Just take your time to destroy everything in the surrounding area and you will be fine. You can also rack up some really nice, long combos in the room with the barricades. This shouldn't be a tough one to achieve.

Stay On Target

Challenge NameDescription
Clever FlyingUse a "loop maneuver" to break out of Darth Vader's targeting system 3 times.
Hope That's InsuredDestroy 10 turrets while doing the trench run.
That's Not Going to Buff Out…Cause severe damage to Darth Vader's ship.

The "Hope That's Insured" challenge will be easily completed by simply shooting at every turret you see while traveling through the first corridor. There are tons of these, so you just fire at the things lining the walls.

The other two challenges will be found in the main area where you need to take out the four exhaust vents. Just ignore the vents and focus on flying around and dodging Darth Vader's missiles with the spin maneuver (hit both shoulder buttons). You need to dodge three of these to complete the "Clever Flying" challenge.

Every time you dodge a missile, try turning to find Darth's ship, it can be a little hard to distinguish from the other Tie Fighters, but if the ship takes more than a few shots to destroy, that's Darth. When you do lock onto him, use one of your missiles, it will make things go much quicker. You will probably have to engage with him three or four times before you will be able to take him out and finish the "That's Not Going to Buff Out…" challenge.

As for the True Jedi achievement, that only requires 30,000 studs. You would have to be actively trying to not get studs to not complete this one.

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