Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Kyber Bricks Locations In Bespin

Bespin is the home of the Cloud City, better known as the place where Lando Calrissian was first introduced to the series, where Han Solo uttered the words "I know", or where Luke found out who Vader truly was. But in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Bespin is simply home to 23 delightful Kyber Bricks.

Kyber Bricks are a collectible resource that allows you to upgrade your abilities with various character types. Bespin is also the most lucrative location in the game for stud collecting. Simply use the Rancor character or the vehicles on the map to trample every plant pot, street sign, vending machine, etc.

How To Find And Reach Every Kyber Brick On Bespin

Below is a table with each Kyber Brick location and an explanation of how to get them.

Kyber CometEvery space location has a Kyber Comet in orbit, and Bespin Space is no different. Shoot down the comet for 5x Kyber Bricks.
Welcome To Cloud City!Just right of the landing pad, you'll see spaces where climbable nets should be. Craft a net launcher with a scavenger class character and place nets along the wall to reach the Kyber.
Cloud City CreeperThis time go left of the landing pad. Before you take the stairs, you should see a bit of a balcony hanging to the side of the city. Follow it to reach the next brick.
Switch SnitchDown the stairs to the second floor, you should see a crate with another Kyber Brick inside. Jump off the ledge to find a button that unlocks the crate.
Between The WallsIn the middle of the second floor, you'll find a blue crack in the wall. Switch to a scavenger, craft a brick blaster and shoot the wall open to discover the Kyber Brick within.
Silver LiningFollow the path from 'Between The Walls' and you'll eventually come across a silver Lego box. Use a villain-type character to throw a grenade and break the box, revealing the Kyber Brick inside.
Bespen BlastOn the third floor, just below 'Between The Walls', you'll find another brick locked in a chest. You'll need to shoot the four targets to unlock it. One is on the column directly above, there are two on the column to the right, and the last is on a column to the left. The game has an auto-aim feature that locks on to the targets, so if you're struggling to spot them just go in and out of aiming mode.
Under CapacityOn the third floor's admin building to the right, you'll find a locked door. It requires two pluggables to open. Inside, there'll be another door that also requires two pluggables. One pluggable is on the wall opposite the building, it requires completing a platforming challenge to reach. The next one is behind some Lego boxes in front of the door. There's another close by hidden inside a Lego vending machine. The last pluggable is on a billboard to the left of the door.
Dark CloudIn the shopping district on the right side of the map, you'll find a brick that's on an unreachable ledge. Follow the wall from 'Under Capacity' to spot it. Use the force to move a smaller droid to the ledge and grab it.
Cloud ClimbingGo North from 'Dark Cloud' until you hit a wall. There'll be some ledges and a lever. Pull the lever to activate some retracting platforms coming in-and-out of the wall. Use them as platforms to climb up the side of the wall until you reach the first Kyber Brick.
Continued Cloud ClimbingThe brick from 'Cloud Climbing' will make you fall to the ground, so repeat the platforming challenge and continue past the previous point until you reach the second brick.
CloudsurfingIn the central plaza, there'll be an isolated tower with a brick waiting at the top. Travel to one of the upper floors of the shopping district and glide to the tower with a scavenger.
Target TroublesThis brick can be found in Cloud Pretty Apparel, which is on the top floor of the shopping district. Stand on the switch in the middle of the room. Once you do this, it'll begin to ascend. You need to shoot all the targets on the three walls in time. Once you do, the Kyber Brick is yours
Willing And CableOn the top floor's North-West side, you'll find another Kyber locked in a contraption. Break a few Lego blocks on the wall to uncover an astromech computer and some buildable Lego pieces. Once you activate the computer with an astromech character, a current will begin to move along the wires. Your job is to build pipes into the correct places and help the current move to its destination. Thankfully, there are only three places to build. The order should be to build on the left / middle / left / right / middle / right, then it's done! The brick is yours.
Refinery RepairsOn the West-side of the central plaza, you'll find a repair man trying to fix a locked door. Break some of the Legos close by and rebuild the rubble into an astromech computer. Activate it using an astromech character to unlock the door. The Kyber is through the door on the right. You can also fit a small droid through an entrance to the side of the building.
It's Raining BricksOn the very North-side of the central plaza, there'll be a Kyber Brick floating in mid-air. Use the force to stack some of the surrounding bricks on top of each other. Climb on top and reach the brick.
Up In The CloudsIn the middle of the central plaza, there'll be a small, pointy structure. Grapple up its ledges to reach the Kyber Brick at the top.
Droid-Pad-A-FanThis brick is located in the Gas Control Station, found in the central plaza. This is a room full of gas and five switches behind barriers. Use an astromech to use one of the terminals, deactivating the barriers to the switches. Now you'll need to stand on all five, which is tricky, considering you only have control over two characters at a time. Use a protocol droid to activate the other two terminals, giving you control over two other droids. Place them on the switches, then disassemble a protocol droid to stand on the remaining switches.
Porch LightOn the West side of the central plaza, you'll see an entrance to another building. There's an arch where the entrance is but you won't be able to jump to it. Use the force to move a droid up there and collect it.
Key To The CloudsGo through the entrance from 'Porch Light'. The room to the right contains a key that'll unlock the room to the left. Your Kyber Brick is waiting inside.
Cloud City ClimberOn the third floor of Cloud City's Eastside, you'll be able to see a Kyber Brick floating mid-air. There'll be ledges leading to it on the side of the building. Use either a hero or astromech character to grapple to the ledges and reach the brick.
Secret ShopperHead to the bottom floor using the stairs on the East-side of the map. There'll be a locked room to the right, and the switch to unlock it is above the arch at the entrance. Use the force to move a small droid up there. The brick is simply waiting inside.
BE-3POHead to the bottom floor, this time using the stairs on the West-side. You'll find a locked door with five switches outside, each of them changing the pattern above them. The pattern to unlock the door is in the opposite room. You can infiltrate it by breaking some of the Lego bricks across the wall and rebuilding a protocol droid terminal. Or you can just copy the code from the image in this table!
Stuck In The CloudsIn the room from 'BE-3PO' containing the Kyber Brick, you can also find a code to a mysterious room. Collect the code then head to the apartment on the upper floors. Once inside, use a villain to break the silver art piece in the middle of the room. Use the leftover Lego pieces to rebuild a protocol droid terminal and retrieve the last Kyber Brick.

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