Linus Tech Tips Builds Handheld Wii Using An Actual Wii

Yes, it is now possible to take your entire Wii and Gamecube consoles on the go, and they aren’t even emulators. No, no, this is your actual Wii console stuffed into a device the size of an original GameBoy – so don’t mess it up.

The G-Boy Rev III is a DIY kit that allows you to cannibalize your Wii console and turn it into a GameBoy. You can buy the kit in one of four different colors on the site BitBuild for $325. Now the question you’ve probably been asking is, “what do you mean this is my actual Wii console?” We mean that you have to open up your Wii, take out the motherboard…and cut it.

We know, we know, that sounds like sacrilege, but that’s the way this device works–and we promise that it does work. The case is 3D printed from nylon powder and comes with joysticks, but does not come with a D-pad or buttons. Those will need to come from a Nintendo DS Lite. There are a lot of technical steps to the build, so unless you are willing to sacrifice both a Wii and a Nintendo DS without making the thing work, you might want to pass this up. You can see the full build from Linus Tech Tips below.

The device will, obviously, run both Wii and Gamecube games because it is a Wii. However, you are going to have to rip the game files from the CD to play them. The legality of all of this is murky, but it’s probably safe to say that Nintendo is aware of the product and, so far, we haven’t heard of anything bad happening to anyone. You could also theoretically run thousands of games on it if you apply the right emulators.

At the end of the day, this is more of a passion project than a practical improvement of the Wii. You could potentially waste $500 or more on something that doesn’t work, but if you can make it happen, this project is something that you can be extremely proud of. It’s a feather that you can put in your computer building hat and flex on other people. If you think you can take on the challenge, we would love to see your build!

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