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After battling your way through each area of the ruins in Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, you will need to confront Greigh once and for all. As the final boss of the game, Greigh has several tricks up his sleeves that can be difficult to deal with.

Greigh has two phases you must conquer before you can declare victory. In each phase, he will use different attacks, which we've outlined below. Let's go over each of Greigh's mechanics, how to avoid his attacks, and some tips for beating him.

Greigh Phase One Attacks

Greigh will begin the fight in phase one, where he will use the following attacks.

  • Lunar Orbs: Before casting this attack, Greigh will teleport around the arena at random. When he stops teleporting, he will launch an orb on either side of himself that moves in a wave pattern. Wait for the orb to move to the crest of its path, then quickly dash underneath it to avoid taking damage.
    • Later in the fight, Greigh will create two orbs on either side that both move in a wave pattern, intersecting at set intervals. To avoid these, wait for the orbs to intersect, then quickly dash underneath them.
  • Ground Pound: Greigh will teleport near you, then quickly drop to the ground, dealing damage. He will repeat this attack several times, following you as you avoid each attack. When Greigh starts teleporting, quickly move to one side of the arena, then run to the other side to avoid each attack.
    • Cross Lasers: Greigh will move near the center of the arena before firing several lasers outwards, dealing damage. The first set of lasers is immediately followed by two more. To avoid these, remain on the ground and quickly move left or right to stay in the safe area between the lasers.
    • Laser Column: Greigh will create a series of lasers that move down opposite ends of the arena, dealing damage at set intervals. Wait for a laser to fire, then quickly dash through to avoid the next one.
    • Flare: Greigh will target an area with a large area of effect attack. After a moment, the targeted area will explode, dealing high damage. Watch where the purple AoE indicator appears, and move accordingly to avoid taking damage.
      • This attack can also be used during Lunar Orbs later in the fight. In this case, you'll need to avoid the moving orbs while also staying away from Flare's explosion.

      • Reinforcements: Throughout the fight, Greigh will teleport away, creating several platforms around the arena. Then, he will summon waves of normal enemies that will attack you. Deal with these enemies like any other you've encountered in the ruins. Some of these enemies will drop healing herbs when they are defeated, allowing you to restore a bit of health with each wave.

      Greigh will repeat these attacks until his health bar is depleted. At this point, a short cutscene will play, and the fight will move into the second phase.

      Greigh Little Phase Two Attacks

      Now, Greigh Little will take control of the weapon in the ruins, granting him new attacks. Greigh Little will remain stationary in the center of the arena throughout the fight, and will use the following attacks.

      • Consecutive Punches: Greigh will slam his giant fists down towards you, one after the other. These will move down the arena, dealing high damage with each punch. Dash under or over one of the fists to avoid the following ones.
        • Later in the fight, Greigh's fists will slam the outer edges of the arena, then move inward. Alternatively, the opposite can occur, where Greigh's fists will start in the center of the arena, then move outward. Watch the location of his fists and move accordingly to avoid these series of attacks.

        • Spinning Lasers: Greigh will summon platforms around the arena, then fire four lasers in a cross shape. He will then spin this laser formation in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. Jump along the platforms, staying inside one section of the lasers, to avoid taking damage from this attack.
          • Later in the fight, Greigh will add a fifth laser, creating an additional hazard while reducing the safe area between each laser. Avoid this attack in the same way, but keep in mind you'll need to move a bit faster and more carefully this time.
        • Laser Field: Greigh will create several lasers around the arena at random that intersect at various points. He will then repeat this attack multiple times. To avoid taking damage, find a safe spot, preferably on the ground, to avoid each set of lasers. If there are no safe spots on the ground, jump into the air and attack or use a skill to remain there longer, until the lasers have fired.
        • Barrier Burst: Greigh will create a purple barrier in the center of the arena while he begins to charge an attack, indicated by small circles that appear clockwise around the barrier. If allowed to finish, this attack will deal extremely high damage. To avoid this, destroy the purple barrier before the smaller circles are filled up.
        • Fist Smash: Greigh will target you with both of his fists, slamming them together near your position. He will repeat this attack several times in a row. Fist Smash can be avoided by double jumping just before the Fists slam together.
          • Solar Orbs: Greigh will create growing orbs around the top half of the arena that remain in place. This attack is used in conjunction with a variety of other attacks, so keep the position of the Solar Orbs in mind while you avoid other mechanics.
          • Flame Orbs: Greigh will summon several fire orbs at the top of the arena before throwing them at you, one at a time. The orbs will move quickly, and inflict burning if they hit you. Stay on the move while the Flame Orbs are launched to avoid taking damage.
          • Falling Ice: Greigh will create ice crystals near the top of the arena that will shortly fall to the ground, dealing damage and creating an ice crystal where they land. The crystal will deal damage to you if you move into it, and can be destroyed by attacking it.
          • Wind Orbs: Wind orbs will spawn near the top of the arena, then fall to the ground. Find the gap between the wall of falling orbs and move there to avoid taking damage.

          Greigh will repeat these attacks until you defeat him. There are a lot of attacks to watch out for during this fight, so let's take a look at a few tips to help you succeed.

          Tips For Beating Greigh

          With the number of attacks Greigh uses in quick succession, it can be difficult to fit in time to use a potion. In phase one of the fight, take the opportunity to heal while Greigh is randomly teleporting around the arena, and be sure to pick up the healing herbs that are dropped from the summoned reinforcements.

          During phase two, there are fewer gaps between attacks for you to heal. If you are confident in your damage, you can heal before destroying the purple barrier. Alternatively, using a potion immediately following any of Greigh's fist-based attacks is a good option.

          Because Greigh Little is stationary throughout phase two of the fight, you'll need to attack whenever you can between his attacks. Save your Bursts for when multiple attacks are targeting you, as using your Burst will make you invulnerable for its duration, allowing you to avoid damage while also dealing high damage to the boss.

          Overall, watch each of Greigh's attacks carefully until you get the hang of avoiding them. Get in attacks when you can, but make avoiding Greigh's attacks your priority.

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