Little Noah: Scion Of Paradise – How To Beat Jack

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In the first boss area of each section of the ruins in Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, you will face one of three bosses; King, Queen, or Jack. The most mobile of the three is Jack, who will dart around the arena, never remaining in one place for too long. Because of Jack's high mobility, he can be a difficult target to pin down.

Defeating Jack three times will reward you with the Piercing Wind achievement, allowing you to unlock the Windspear Noah Avatar. Additionally, you can unlock Jack for use as a Lilliput by upgrading the Lilliput House at your Airship. Let's take a look at each of Jack's attacks, how to avoid them, and some tips for defeating this powerful boss.

Jack's Attacks

Jack will use the following attacks throughout the fight. In deeper areas of the ruins, these attacks will deal more damage. Additionally, about halfway through the fight, Jack will increase the power of these attacks, causing them to deal more damage and attack faster.

  • Somersault Dash: Jack does a slight jump into the air, then charges forward a short distance along the ground, dealing damage. Then, he will backflip back to his original starting point, before dashing again in the same or a different direction, going even further than the first dash. Dodge this series of attacks by leaping over the first dash, then waiting for Jack to dash again to jump over it.
  • Wind Charge: Jack will charge forward, dealing damage, then repeat this attack in the opposite direction. Jump at the right moment to avoid the first dash, then prepare to avoid the returning dash.
  • Tornados: Jack will remain stationary while launching several consecutive tornados forward. These will quickly move across the arena, dealing damage. Jump, then use your own dash or Aether Thrust to move over the tornados and behind Jack to avoid taking damage.
    • Later in the fight, the tornados will bounce back and forth across the arena. Be ready to dodge them as they move back down the field.

    • Storm Dive: Jack will move to the center of the arena before jumping into the air. Then, he will dash toward the ground several times, dealing high damage in the area he lands. Stay on the move while Jack dives to the ground to avoid him each time he lands.
    • Whirling Gale: Jack will charge up for a moment, then whirl side to side around the arena, dealing damage along his path. Jump and dash to avoid Jack each time he passes near you, and wait for him to stop spinning before you start to attack him. Note that Jack will only use this attack when you encounter him later in the ruins.

    Now that you're familiar with each of Jack's attacks, let's take a look at a few tips for beating this boss.

    Tips For Beating Jack

    As mentioned above, Jack will move around a lot during this fight, making it difficult to deal damage. Instead of waiting for the perfect opening to attack, you'll need to hit Jack consistently between his attacks throughout the fight. After a Somersault Dash or Wind Charge, Jack will not attack for a second, giving you an opening to attack. Additionally, if you can get around Jack when he fires tornados, his back will be open to attack.

    Using your Burst or healing with a potion is also best done during Tornados, as Jack won't be moving during this time. Be sure to aim and time your Burst just right so that you can hit Jack with each strike, landing the most amount of damage possible.

    If you're still having trouble with Jack, we recommend upgrading your Airship. Increasing the number of potions you can carry, and the amount they restore will allow you to heal more throughout the fight, while increasing your resistance to wind damage will allow you to take more hits from Jack before needing to heal.

    Additionally, try acquiring Ice-type Lilliputs while thoroughly exploring the ruins leading up to the boss fight. Ice Lilliputs like Queen and Freya can deal high damage from mid-to-long range, making them consistent and safe options for getting in a few attacks between Jack's attacks. Remember to increase your bond with these Lilliputs at the Airship to further increase their effectiveness.

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