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In Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, you take control of Noah Little, a young alchemist with the power to control Lilliputs. These small but powerful creatures are the key to victory in battle, and can be arranged and positioned to give you the edge over any enemy.

One of the first bosses in the game is Queen, who manipulates swords of ice to take total control of the arena. Defeating Queen three times will reward you with the Carving Ice achievement, allowing you to unlock the Frostblade Noah Avatar. Let's take a look at each of Queen's attacks, how to avoid them, and how to beat this boss.

Queen's Attacks And Mechanics

Queen will use various attacks throughout the fight, and each of them has a chance to freeze you in place when hit. Listed below are each of her attacks and how to avoid them.

  • Ice Slide: Queen will raise her arms into the air before charging forward with an icy kick, dealing damage along her path. When Queen raises her arms to charge this attack, move back a short distance and prepare to jump over her as she slides across the stage.
  • Triple Ice: Queen will raise one arm in the air before launching three icicles forward in an arc, dealing damage. Jump over the icicle closest to the ground, then carefully avoid the one in the middle of the arc as you land.

  • Summon Swords: Queen will move to one side of the arena, then raise into the air, summoning four swords of ice in a vertical line. She will then launch them forward, causing them to move to the other side of the arena, dealing damage if they hit you. On its own, this attack would be easy to avoid by just staying on the ground and waiting for the swords to pass overhead. However, Queen will combine this attack with Ice Slide, making the floor of the arena unsafe.
    • To avoid this combo, move near the center of the arena and wait for Queen to use Ice Slide. Then, quickly jump over her attack while timing at just the right moment to also jump over the lowest Ice Sword.
    • Later in the fight, the summoned swords will bounce back across the arena, returning to the side they were originally summoned on.
  • Ice Crystals: Queen will move to the center of the arena before raising into the air. Then, she will shoot three icicles down in an arc, creating Ice Crystal formations at the left, center, and right of the arena. These crystals cannot be passed through, and will deal damage to you if you walk into them. However, they can be destroyed after a few attacks.
    • Destroy the crystal in the center of the stage to give yourself more room to avoid Queen's follow-up attacks.
    • Frozen Clones: Queen will move to the center of the arena, then summon two clones. All three versions of Queen will envelop themselves in an icy wind, then they will bounce around the arena at random, dealing damage. Watch the trajectory of these clones as they move and dodge accordingly to avoid taking damage.
    • Queen will use a combination of these attacks throughout the fight. Dodge each attack carefully and only attack Queen when you have an opening.

      Tips For Defeating Queen

      Now that you're familiar with how Queen will attack throughout the fight, it's time to form your own plan of attack.

      Queen will move around a fair amount during the fight, which can make it difficult to hit her sometimes. The best opportunities to hit Queen are immediately after she finishes attacking, especially after she uses Ice Slide. If you dash to avoid her Ice Slide in the same direction she moves in, you can end up right next to her, giving you a window to attack.

      If you need to use a potion to restore your health, the best time would be as she moves into the air to summon the Ice Swords. She won't be attacking at this time, and the ground floor of the stage will be safe, giving you enough time to safely drink a potion.

      After charging up your Burst Gauge, we recommend using it as she lowers back to the ground after summoning the Ice Crystals. This will allow you to deal high damage to Queen while she isn't moving, and will destroy the Crystals in the process, clearing the arena of hazards. Save your burst for just the right time, as using it before Queen flies away will result in a huge missed opportunity for damage.

      If Queen is still getting the best of you, we recommend practicing your Aether Thrust and dashes. Getting the hang of these movement mechanics will allow you to be more agile during combat, and enable you to stay on the move while dealing damage.

      Additionally, explore the Ruins thoroughly to get as strong as you can before each boss battle. Upgrading your Airship to allow you to hold more potions and increasing your resistance to Ice damage will also help when fighting Queen. If you can't beat her at first, just keep trying. Eventually, you'll get the hang of her attack patterns and you'll be able to topple the Queen.

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