Lucian, Akali Nerfed Ahead of League Of Legends World Championship

The first look at League of Legends’ patch 10.19 is out and it seems that the new changes will not shake up the current meta too much. While the patch will proceed the World Championship, remember that it is not finalized and may still be subject to change.

The three champions receiving the biggest nerfs are Azir, Senna, and Lucian. Azir is losing 10% attack speed on his W passive overall. The nerf may push the emperor out of competitive viability considering he will not have nearly as much lane pressure potential as before. Losing that much lane priority will allow other back-line mages, like Ziggs, to see more play.

The number of souls dropped from Senna’s passive when she kills a minion is being cut in half. Currently, Senna is seeing high priority in the bot-lane because of her infinite scaling and safe laning phase. The nerf may push Senna out of competitive viability as well, considering her scaling is now cut in half. The nerfs may also bring the return of the fasting Senna. Lucian’s AD per level is dropping from 2.75 to 2.3, currently seeing play in all three lanes due to his ability to win virtually everywhere. The alterations bring down his early level damage down a notch. These new changes may not be enough to completely remove Lucian from the meta, but his viability, especially in the bot-lane, is lessened. Akali, Twisted Fate, and Caitlyn also see some minor nerfs, but we don’t expect these champions priority to fall in the meta.

Ahri is receiving some follow-up buffs in the upcoming patch, however. Patch 10.18 introduced some major changes to the nine-tailed fox. Even with the buffs, she currently sits at a 46% win-rate in Challenger. Riot clearly wants to see the champion on the World Championship stage, as they are giving it another try. Ahri’s buffs – coupled with the nerfs to Azir and Lucian – may bring her to competitive viability. The champion’s assistance is also timed perfectly with K/DA’s comeback. Sylas and Irelia, two champions that see play in specific situations, are also seeing minor buffs to their ultimates. While the changes will not make them overpowered in any way, we expect to see more of them at Worlds. Udyr and Ivern are also seeing some minor buffs, but due to the nature of the current jungle meta, it would still be surprising to see these champions played.

Barring any major changes, the patch does little to shake up the current meta. Champions like Orianna, Ashe, and Caitlyn will continue to be highly prioritized. The juggernaut meta of 2015 still affects Riot’s design philosophy. Teams can continue to improve on what they know as opposed to learning a completely new meta.

The 2020 World Championship begins on September 25.

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