Machine Gun Kelly Reacts To Seeing Himself In WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22's biggest DLC pack so far became available this week. A couple of celebrities made it into the seven Superstar Whole Dam Pack, one of which was Machine Gun Kelly. The rapper shared a clip of himself and his friends watching his in-game entrance for the first time, and he appears to be pretty pleased with it.

The video was shared by 2K on Twitter after Kelly posted it on his own social media. The singer is shown watching his virtual self appear on the stage and proceed to smash a guitar. It was also revealed that he has a rating of 80 – not too bad for someone who hasn't ever actually wrestled before.

Despite never having wrestled, there are a couple of reasons why Kelly has been added to a WWE 2K roster for the first time. Firstly, he contributed to the game's soundtrack. Secondly, Kelly has also appeared on Raw before. Despite not competing, he was powerbombed off the stage and through a table by Kevin Owens. Now you can recreate that moment yourselves in WWE 2K22.

Kelly isn't the only celebrity to have been added to WWE 2K22 this week. Logan Paul has also made his WWE video game debut. The internet celebrity turned boxer turned wrestler has a little more experience than Kelly between the ropes. Paul debuted for WWE at this year's WrestleMania, picking up a win alongside The Miz. He has signed a contract with the company since then and will wrestle his second match next weekend at SummerSlam, this time against The Miz rather than alongside him.

The Whole Dam Pack is the last of the DLC 2K announced for its latest WWE game back in March. That doesn't mean there won't be more to come, but for now, that's it. If you have either of the Deluxe Editions of WWE 2K22 or the Season Pass, you can download the new DLC for no additional cost. The Whole Dam Pack is also available to buy separately, as are all of the other packs that have come before it.

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