Madden 20 Ratings: NFL 99 Overall Players Club Revealed ahead of next football Season


Los Angeles Rams

RE | #99

Height | 6’1”

Weight | 280 lbs

College | Pittsburgh

Exp | 6th

The Los Angeles Rams defensive superstar has made the Pro Bowl in all five of his NFL seasons, and has earned four first-team All-Pro honors. He’s also won back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year awards, and his ludicrous 20.5 sacks a season ago led the league.

The most dominant defender in the NFL today, Aaron Donald is a true game-wrecker. Donald fronts a group of elite pass-rushers that intimidate QBs with their sheer presence. Here are some of his best attributes.

Donald’s Ratings Highlights

  • 99 Strength – Best in Madden 20
  • 99 Power Moves – Best in Madden 20
  • 98 Pursuit – Best in Madden 20
  • 97 Block Shedding – Second-best in Madden 20
  • 96 Finesse Moves – Second-best in Madden 20 

With the combination of Donald’s 99 OVR and his suite of Superstar X-Factor abilities, you can imagine how much of a dominant force he will be in Madden NFL 20. When his Fearmonger Zone ability is activated, he will be able to apply pressure on opposing QBs even while engaged with blockers.

MADDEN 19 99 Club


  • Tom Brady
  • Aaron Donald
  • Von Miller
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Luke Kuechly
  • Antonio Brown
  • Rob Gronkowski

Stay tuned here for more Madden 20, 99 Club announcements later this week!

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