Magic: The Gathering – Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate: 6 Best New Cards For Commander

Magic: The Gathering's most recent crossover with Dungeons & Dragons, Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate is introducing a litany of potent new cards directly to the Commander format. While the Commander of one's deck has a significant impact on how it may function, the meat and potatoes of the Commander format is the incredible cards that make up the ninety-nine in your deck.

So rather than focusing on new Commander options introduced in Battle for Baldur's Gate, we're going to see which of this set's brand new cards have the potential to make the biggest impact within the ninety-nine of an EDH deck.

6 Blood Money

Board wipes are an integral part of the Commander format, allowing a player to wipe players' permanents to put everyone on equal footing and deprive opponents of progress they'd made. While many of the best board wipes are one-sided, allowing its caster to keep their permanents in play, Blood Money is one-sided in a different way.

A black sorcery for seven mana, Blood Money destroys each creature in play, allowing its controller to create a Treasure token for each creature destroyed this way. This means that even though Blood Money's caster will lose their creatures as well, they can gain a massive number of Treasures in return.

5 Displacer Kitten

A 2/2 blue Cat Beast for four mana, Displacer Kitten is a must-have for blink decks with access to blue mana. Whenever Displacer Kitten's controller casts a noncreature spell, they may flicker target nonland permanent they control, exiling it, then immediately returning it to the battlefield under its owner's control. As flicker decks aim to repeatedly reuse their "enter the battlefield" triggers, this allows every noncreature spell in Displacer's Kitten's controller's deck to double as a flicker spell.

As flicker decks tend to contain noncreature spells with flicker-based effects already, Displacer Kitten can cause such spells to provide yet even more value.

4 Battle Angels of Tyr

Battle Angels of Tyr is a stellar mono-white Angel for four mana that is capable of dealing significant damage throughout a game whilst providing its controller with various forms of value. A 4/4 Angel with flying and myriad, due to its access to myriad, when this creature attacks, it creates one temporary token copy of itself tapped and attacking each other opponent. Whenever this Angel deals combat damage to an opponent, its controller draws a card if that was the player with the most cards in their hand, its controller creates a treasure token if that was the player with the most lands in play, and its controller gains three life if that was the player with the highest life total.

Due to Battle Angels of Tyr's access to myriad, it attacks each opponent simultaneously, significantly increasing the chances of triggering each of these abilities. As white is a color that is known for having limited options when it comes to card draw and mana ramp, a card that provides both of these resources simultaneously should not be taken lightly.

3 Ancient Silver Dragon

Though it may demand a massive investment of eight mana, Ancient Silver Dragon is an incredible late-game payoff card for blue decks. An 8/8 Dragon with flying, whenever Ancient Silver Dragon deals combat damage to a player, its controller rolls a d20, drawing a number of cards equal to the result. Its controller then no longer has a maximum hand size for the rest of the game.

Even if a player isn't fortunate and rolls under the average result of 10, this is still a repeatable effect that can be triggered each turn, potentially allowing its controller to draw an absurd number of cards.

2 Ancient Copper Dragon

Another impressive mythic rare Dragon, Ancient Copper Dragon is a red 6/5 flying Dragon for six mana that can provide a massive number of Treasure tokens for its controller.

Like Ancient Silver Dragon, when Ancient Copper Dragon deals combat damage to a player, its controller rolls 1d20. However, rather than drawing cards, its controller creates a number of Treasures equal to the result. While drawing cards may be a more advantageous effect than creating Treasure tokens, this card is significantly more accessible due to its lower mana cost.

1 Archivist Of Oghma

While white decks have a reputation for lacking in ways to draw cards, Archivist of Oghma is a stellar and efficient source of card draw that any deck would be fortunate to have, regardless of its color.

For two mana, Archivist of Oghma is a 2/2 Halfling Cleric with flash. As long as Archivist of Oghma is in play, whenever an opponent searches their library, Archivist of Oghma's controller gains one life and draws a card. As Commander is a format rife with tutoring effects, it's hard to go through a Commander game in which one or more players aren't regularly searching their libraries. Due to the fact that this creature has flash, it may even be cast in response to an opponent searching their library, ensuring it will be able to trigger at least once if a player fears their opponents will play around it.

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