Magic: The Gathering – Every New White Card In Jumpstart 2022, Ranked

For anyone looking to jump right into Magic: The Gathering, Jumpstart 2022 is the way to go. All you have to do is grab two packs, each one containing 20 cards containing cards and lands set to a randomized theme, and shuffle them together for a unique game.

There are eight brand-new white cards in Jumpstart 2022, with some interesting approaches to card design. Fans of white cards will find a new card with a familiar face on this list, as well as some unique approaches to old mechanics. White’s new cards might not be as flashy as some of the other colors released in Jumpstart 2022, but it still has some extremely cool new toys to play with.

8/8 Chains Of Custody

White is no stranger to enchantments that exile creatures your opponent's control, but Chains of Custody adds a new twist to the mechanics.

As an Aura, Chains of Custody enchants a creature you control, meaning you need a creature in play in order to cast it. It does make Chains of Custody a fair bit weaker, since it's much easier to remove a creature than a regular enchantment. Thankfully the creature you enchant gains ward 2, so it becomes a little more difficult to get rid of than normal.

7/8 Angelic Cub

Angelic Cub rewards you the more you pump it up with spells and abilities. The first time you target Angelic Cub each turn, you put a +1/+1 counter on it, then, once there are three or more counters on it, it gains flying.

With tons of pump spells and abilities to target Angelic Cub, it can quickly grow into a threatening little Angel Cat. Not to mention, Angelic Cub has some absolutely fantastic artwork illustrated by Miranda Meeks for fans of both Angel and Cat creatures to enjoy.

6/8 Ingenious Leonin

If you’re looking for a good creature from Jumpstart 2022 to use to target Angelic Cub then Ingenious Leonin is among the best. This five-mana 4/4 comes loaded with a special ability to put a +1/+1 counter on another attacking creature you control. If that creature is a cat, like Angelic Cub, it also gains first strike until the end of the turn.

This ability costs four mana to activate and can only target an attacking creature, so it does have some restrictions, but is still a great way to push some extra damage through or to trade up with your opponent’s blockers.

5/8 Magnanimous Magistrate

Magnanimous Magistrate is a strange way to return creatures to the battlefield once they die, but it is an effective one. Magnanimous Magistrate enters the battlefield with five reprieve counters on it. All you have to do is wait for a nontoken creature you control die, and if it cost more than one,and its mana value is less than or equal to the number of reprieve counters still on Magnanimous Magistrate, you return it to the battlefield.

With a sacrifice outlet and some way to blink Magnanimous Magistrate, like with Ashnod’s Altar and Restoration Angel, you can create some endless loops to help win the game.

4/8 Distinguished Conjurer

If you’re looking for a reliable way to help you gain life, then Distinguished Conjurer is the way to go. Every time a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain one life. There are plenty of other cards that have similar effects, but it’s almost always good to double up on these types of effects.

Distinguished Conjurer also comes with an activated ability, allowing you to exile another target creature you control and then immediately bring it back to play. With this ability, you can help your creatures dodge all sorts of targeted removal spells or potentially block a creature and then remove your blocker before damage is done.

3/8 Preston, The Vanisher

This Rabbit Wizard is a fairly unique creature with an equally weird ability. Every time a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, so long as you didn’t cast it, you make a copy of it, except it's a 0/1 white Illusion creature.

Preston works incredibly well with creatures that have either static abilities, or ones that trigger when it enters the battlefield – and fits nicely with everything from flicker to foretell decks. Once you have a good number of Illusion cards, you can sacrifice five of them to exile any nonland permanent of your choice.

2/8 Lita, Mechanical Engineer

The legendary artifact creature has an interesting ability and powerful effect to help keep your artifacts functioning on your opponent's turns. For just four mana you can create a 5/5 vehicle with flying a crew three, meaning the 3/3 Lita can crew its own vehicles. Fairly solid as far as abilities go, but a little slow and resource-intensive if you plan on making multiple vehicles this way.

Lita’s real power comes from the fact that it untaps each other artifact creature you control at the end of your turn. This not only does this give all your artifact creatures a functional type of vigilance, allowing you to attack while keeping up blockers, but also lets you tap them for abilities like crew and then untap them at end of turn for blocking.

1/8 Agrus Kos, Eternal Soldier

The extremely powerful Argus Kos tops the list for new white cards in Jumpstart 2022. This legendary creature lets you pay two mana whenever it becomes the sole target of an ability, to then copy it for each creature you control. There are some incredibly powerful effects to copy with it, including using Jeska, Thrice Reborn’s ability to triple all combat damage a creature will deal to an opponent to quickly close out a game.

Another great ability to spread to your team is that of Sword of Hearth and Home’s exiling effect. When the Sword’s effect targets Argus, you can pay the extra two mana to copy it for each creature you control. So long as you have a lot of creatures in play, you can exile all of them and search up that many lands. Then all your creatures come back to play, triggering their enter-the-battlefield effects if they have any.

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