Magical Puzzler Twilight Path is Coming to PlayStation VR in October

Charm Games’ virtual reality (VR) puzzle title Twilight Path made its first appearance a couple of years ago, released for PC VR headsets. Today, the studio has unveiled its been working on a PlayStation VR port, due to arrive next month.

Making the announcement via PlayStation Blog, Alan Jernigan, Studio Director of Charm Games explains that: “Twilight Path was inspired by beautiful fantasy and adventure movies from our childhoods in the 80s and 90s, a time when innovative special effects created new ways to bring classic tales to life on screen. The wonder of these films is that they transported us to beautiful, magical worlds, completely unlike real life.” 

Set in a realm between life and death, Twilight Path is all about finding your way out, solving puzzles and meeting new friends. In this strange world players will encounter Nix, a magical faerie navigator and guide who can help solve puzzles and illuminate the way. Most of your journey will take place on Barque, a ferryman of sorts who travels via fixed channels. The other little character is Singe, a fire spirit who manages to keep Barque’s engines running.

Supporting PlayStation Move, the puzzles are a mixture of environmental and more traditional close up challenges. Players will be able to use magical powers to manipulate objects at a distance as well as revealing hidden sights and sounds.

Of the previous PC VR edition, VRFocus said in its review: “Twilight Path was one videogame VRFocus was looking forward to but it didn’t quite deliver. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the experience, with a reasonable story intermingled with some straightforward fun puzzles. It just had no spark to its delivery, almost feeling like a step back from FORM.

Charm Games hasn’t set a date at the moment for Twilight Path’s launch for PlayStation VR, just that’ll take place in October. As further details are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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