Mario Kart Tour on smartphones looks… a lot like Mario Kart

The first footage of Nintendo’s new mobile game has appeared online and it looks exactly like what you’d expect – but in a good way.

When Nintendo announced they were going to start making smartphone games, during their lowest ebb with the Wii U, it seemed like that would become an important new focus for the company.

But since the success of the Switch, and the relative failure of Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, they seem to have very quickly lost interest. But new games are still coming out, and the next one is Mario Kart Tour.

The footage below, posted on ResetEra, isn’t from Nintendo but since an Android beta test just started in Japan it was inevitable something like this would leak out.

Although the game looks very similar to the console versions, it’s also clearly simplified – to the point where all you have to do is move left or right, with all acceleration and braking handled for you.

That seems fair enough, given the context, although thanks to people’s refusal to pay a flat fee for Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour is free-to-play. And you know what that means: microtransactions.

They sound pretty bad too, at least at the beta stage, with lots of drivers, karts, and gliders to randomly ‘win’ and rare examples having distinct advantages, which will inevitably lead to accusations of pay-to-win.

There’s also apparently a stamina system that limits how many races you can play per hour, unless, presumably, you pay more.

The US will also get a beta test but there’s been no mention of Europe so far, perhaps because Nintendo has just had to remove Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Heroes from the app store in Belgium, where loot boxes are now legally recognised as gambling.

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