Mario Kart Tour’s Gacha Elements Will Be Removed In October

Mario Kart Tour is putting an end to its gacha mechanics. Pipes, which can contain drivers, karts, or gliders, will be retired in the next update. In its place will be a “Spotlight Shop” where players can purchase the current tour’s featured unlockables.

Mario Kart Tour certainly made a bundle from its own version of loot boxes, with sales totaling over $200 million by the middle of 2021. However, the current political environment is turning against loot boxes in video games, especially for those marketed towards children. Thus, Nintendo has decided to change things in its hit mobile title by replacing its gacha mechanics with something a little more deterministic.

The Spotlight Shop will function similarly to the Mii Racing Suit Shop, allowing players to purchase a selection of items that will rotate with each tour. The next tour will be Mario vs. Luigi, which is expected to run from September 6 to September 7. The tour will split characters into two teams, with one side racing for Mario and the other for Luigi, so expect a wide variety of drivers, gliders, and karts to be available.

Participating in the tour will also provide players with a limited-edition badge, coins, and rubies, although we suspect the winners of matches will receive a few more coins and rubies.

Nintendo will remove the ability to purchase pipes for rubies starting October 5.

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