Mario Party Superstars Announced, Features 100 Classic Minigames

Mario Party Superstars has just been announce during Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct presentation, and it looks to aimed squarely at classic Mario Party fans. The game already has a release date of October 28, which should make this a perfect holiday game for the family.

The game includes more than 100 minigames from classic Mario Party titles, in addition to many older stages from classic games. The short trailer showed us the classic stages, which have been heavily overhauled, making them look much more shiny and crisp than ever before.

The selection of 100 classic minigames is sure to please veteran fans of the series, and this looks ready to easily supersede Super Mario Party in terms of which game you’d recommend playing with a group of friends. Very exciting.

The game also supports online play, which means you won’t have to go without playing multiplayer with your friends, even in the face of the brutal pandemic. Vaccines soon, eh?

Mario Party Superstars promises that all games will be playable with button controls, which is definitely a plus for accessibility, although it’ll be a shame if motion control support is missing entirely, as they can make for some excellent gameplay gimmicks and mechanics.

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