Mario Party Superstars : The Best Items To Spend Your Coins On

Ever since Mario Party made its debut on Nintendo 64, items to mess with your opponents have always played a key role in the games. While some items have remained staples throughout the franchise, such as Mushrooms and Warp Blocks, others have been introduced and tweaked. This was done to add more twists and fun to the game as seen in Mario Party: Superstars.

Do you want to get one over on your opponents? Then the new Golden Pipe is the way to go. Want to speed up how fast you get around the board? Then the Triple Dice is a solid investment. Whatever items you choose to have in your inventory all could be considered an asset to truly decide the case between winning and losing. These are our favorites.

Mushroom – Three Coins

The classic Mushroom item has been in so many titles throughout the Mario franchise that it has become quite iconic. It first debuted in Mario Party 2 and is listed as Mario's favorite. It does not appear in Mario Party 4, Mario Party DS, or Mario Party 8. Instead, it was replaced with the "Mega Mushroom" and "Twice Candy" which have different effects.

In Mario Party: Superstars the Mushroom item simply adds an extra five spaces to any number you roll which can be quite helpful early on when you may not have a lot of coins. It only costs you three coins which won't make or break you should you be close to a star. Consider grabbing one or two to keep on hand to get ahead.

Double Dice – Five Coins

Double Dice is one of the items introduced later on in the series, making its first appearance in Mario Party 10. Unlike the Dice set in previous games, you do not get a coin bonus for rolling two of the same number. However, it functions the same way, allowing you to roll two dice blocks instead of one.

Purchasing this item also won't bankrupt you, costing a mere five coins. A solid investment early on that works much better than the Mushroom, providing you roll high. Grab them whenever you hit a shop space or get lucky on an item or luck space.

Skeleton Key – Three Coins

Skeleton Key was introduced way back in Mario Party 2, unlocking gates and effectively creating helpful shortcuts on the board. Its last appearance was in Mario Party 3 where it had the same function. While the key makes its return in Mario Party: Superstars, it's only usable on boards from Mario Party 2 and 3.

When purchasing it at the shop it will only cost you three coins, giving you access to those locked gates and inaccessible areas. In its first appearance, the key sported a bow and would sulk when you used it, it got a redesign in Mario Party 3 ditching the bow and having thicker eyebrows. Its original look was brought back for this game.

Triple Dice – Ten Coins

Triple Dice for ten coins gives lets you roll the dice three times for an extra five coins more than the cost of Double Dice. This item debuted way back in Mario Party DS in the item shop. If you happen to roll three of the same number you would be rewarded with 20 coins while rolling three sevens would net you 50 coins.

Sadly these bonus coins are not included in Superstars. However, it truly is the best dice block item to have in your arsenal provided you aren't short on coins.

Warp Block – Seven Coins

The Warp Block was introduced in Mario Party on the Nintendo 64. When it first appeared it would randomly swap you with another player's position. This could either be a great thing or a horrible thing, depending on who it swapped you with. In Mario Party 4 it was replaced with the Warp Pipe that functioned the same way. This time around the Warp Block is back.

A new variation of it was also created specifically for Superstars called "The Super Warp Block". This variant only will appear in play during the final five turns and eliminates the randomness of who you get swapped places with. Instead, it gives you the freedom to choose.

Warp Block will cost you seven coins while the Super Warp Block can only be obtained through an Item Bag or being chosen during the final prediction of who will win.

Plunder Chest – 20 Coins

The Plunder Chest allows you to steal an item from a player of your choice. However, it will randomly choose the item, so if they happen to have more than one you may not get what you wanted. This item also has a hefty price tag of 20 coins, the same price as a star.

The best way to utilize the Plunder Chest is to wait till only one player has an item you desire and then steal it. In Mario Party 3 an extremely rare version of the Plunder Chest can be obtained known as "The Barter Box" which swaps all your items with someone else's, causing real chaos.

Chomp Call – Six or Seven Coins

The Chomp Call functions the same way as Lucky Lamp did in Mario Party 3, moving the star from one spot to another. The first time it was used was in Mario Party 4 and it also appeared during a mini-game called "Chomp Romp" in Mario Party 5.

It will cost you seven coins to grab or six coins from the forest shop in Woddy Woods. Use it to hopefully move the star closer to you and farther away from your opponents. It's especially strategic to use it right before someone is about to roll on a star space.

Custom Dice Block – 12 Coins

Players needing a specific dice roll number don't have to worry any more thanks to the Custom Dice Block. This special dice which allows you to roll any number you wish from one to ten was first introduced back in 2013 for Mario Party: Island Tour on the Nintendo 3DS.

Back then if you let it roll on its own only numbers from one to six could be rolled. It could also be combined with numbers rolled from a Bronze, Silver, or Gold dice block. It was also utilized in Super Mario Party. It will run you 12 coins in the shop to help you out if regular dice rolls just aren't cutting it.

Golden Pipe – 25 Coins

Getting just the right rolls or having the right items to grab those stars can be a challenge in Mario Party: Superstars. Sometimes the star just doesn't land in a good spot or it could require a Skeleton Key to get it, adding an obstacle.

The Golden Pipe changes all that and acts very much as the Genie Lamp did in Mario Party 2 and 3. For 25 coins, it will warp you directly to the star wherever it happens to be, even if it's behind a locked gate. Probably the best and most coveted item in the game it's no wonder many players will rush to snag it.

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