Marvel Snap: Patriot Deck Guide

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Marvel Snap is a mobile and PC collectible card game set in the Marvel universe. Players construct a deck of 12 cards and enter one-on-one six-round battles against other players. As you play more games, more and more cards become available to you, allowing you to become even more creative with your hero synergies.

But while having lots of cards is great, it can become overwhelming as you can’t see the wood for the trees. Luckily, players tend to share synergies that work for them, giving a strong focal point to build your own new decks. Below we’ll talk about the Patriot deck, built around the card of the same name.

The Patriot Card

Patriot is a Pool Three card, which means you won’t have a chance to get it until you’re at least at Collection Level 486. It has a cost of three Energy and only one Power.

However, his ongoing ability gives all your cards with no abilities plus two Power. Alongside the obvious bonus to no-ability cards such as Wasp, The Thing, Hulk, and Cyclops, this ability also helps cards that duplicate Ongoing abilities and that add more no-ability cards to the battlefield.

The Patriot Deck List

Below is an example of the cards you could use to create a Patriot deck. We suggest you use this as a starting point to understand the synergies and ideas involved, before branching out with your own replacements and mini-combos. If you don’t have all of these cards, don’t worry. As long as you have Patriot, you can use as many of these as possible and fill in the gaps with suitable substitutes.

Patriot31Ongoing: Your cards with no abilities have plus two Power.
Squirrel Girl11On Reveal: Add a one-Power Squirrel to each other location.
Ant-Man11Ongoing: If you have three other cards here, plus three Power.
Mysterio25As you play this, play Illusions to other locations. Disguise this as an Illusion until the game ends.
Mystique30On reveal: If the last card you played had an Ongoing ability, this card gains it.
The Thing46
Onslaught67Ongoing: Double your other Ongoing effects at this location.
Ultron68On reveal: Create four one-Power Drones at each adjacent location.

Using The Patriot Deck

The general idea here is to pack the left and right locations with your no-ability cards, largely leaving the middle lane free to play a combination of Patriot, Mystique, Ultron, and Onslaught.

As you’ll only be able to play three of the four (two cards cost six, so are likely only playable in the last round), you don’t have to worry about Squirrel Girl also taking up a spot. Ant-Man should slot into an outside location if required. Hopefully, all locations will end up full.

This will leave the central location low on Power, so you are relying on winning the two outer locations to win the match.

Patriot gives all your cards without abilities plus two Power. Cards such as The Thing and Abomination already have more Power than they should for their cost because of their lack of a special ability, so this ability makes them extra strong. In addition, both Squirrel Girl and Ultron create lots of zero-ability cards on your side, so each of those created will also receive the Patriot bonus.

Mystique really makes the deck sing as long as you can play her after Patriot, preferably in turns three and four. She copies the Ongoing ability of the last card you played, so playing her straight after Patriot will give all of your no-ability cards plus four Power, rather than plus two.

You may have two options in turn six, both of which you want to leave a space for in the central lane (where you have hopefully played Patriot and Mystique). As mentioned above, Ultron will fill both the outside locations with cards that will immediately gain a nice chunk of bonus Power.

The alternative is to lay down Onslaught, which doubles the Ongoing effects in this location. So, if you have Patriot and Mystique at the location, all your non-ability cards will go from plus four to plus eight power. Ouch.

Alternative Patriot Deck Card Options

Depending on your play style, you may want to consider swapping in one or more of these cards into your Patriot deck.

  • Misty Knight (1-2): Another zero-ability card popular in Patriot decks. You might want to swap her in to get your card cost balance right.
  • Mister Sinister (2-2): A potential replacement for a mid-range no-ability card, as it creates another 2-2 no-ability card in an adjacent location.
  • Scarlet Witch (2-3): This card lets you change a location for another random one. It’s a nice insurance policy if a location makes your plans go sideways or is really helping your opponent.
  • Debrii (3-3): Adds a Rock to each location for both players. This is strong for you, as your rocks will benefit from Patriot’s ability. While it’s unlikely your opponent will be too pleased.
  • Kazar (4-4): If you’re flooding the board with one-Power cards, Kazar is a great option. His Ongoing ability gives all your one-cost cards plus one Power.
  • Iron Man (5-0): An interesting alternative to the expensive card options, which doubles the Power at the location you play it.
  • Blue Marvel (5-3): Another simple but effective card-flooding helper, who gives all your other cards plus one Power.

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