Marvel Snap: The 10 Best 2-Cost Cards

Marvel Snap is a game where you gain an extra energy each turn over the course of six turns. Thus, due to the fast pace and short game length, each turn is crucial in winning any match. 2-cost cards sit at an awkward position, not being the initial starter like the 1-cost cards or a power card ender like the boss cards that cost six energy.

However, despite that, some of the 2-cost cards are actually quite impressive. Most work in a way to set up for bigger plays down the line and are usually not transformative by themselves. Regardless, the best of these 2-cost cards can take a deck from mediocre to incredibly consistent on their own.

10/10 Hell Cow

Hell Cow, besides being a hilarious character, is an interesting card. It has amazing stats for a 2-cost card, sitting at a very respectable power of six. The ability is there to somewhat balance it, making you discard two cards when Hell Cow is revealed.

The kicker is when that ability becomes something a deck wants. Discard strategies, while not as common as move or swarm decks, is actually potent. In a deck dedicated to discarding cards and benefiting from that, Hell Cow is just a card with great stats that has a beneficial ability to boot.

9/10 Forge

Forge is another card that may seem useless at first glance. It's only got one power, which is below the benchmark of 2-cost cards. Its ability gives the next card you play +2 power. Why not play a three power card instead of Forge, then? It appears for a good reason.

Many cards in Marvel Snap, especially some move cards in the current meta, become more valuable the more base power they have. The best examples include Human Torch and Multiple Man are prime examples of this. Thus, Forge becomes an excellent support card for such power cards.

8/10 Swarm

Swarm, while funnily not a part of the swarming decks usually, has managed to find a home with the aforementioned discard decks. Its ability adds two copies of itself that cost zero to your hand when it's discarded. That's a tailor-made ability for such a deck, and adding two 0/3 is something no deck would scoff at.

Swarm already has the desired stat line, being a 2/3, the gold standard for 2-cost cards. That's great, as it can be decent even if you can't manage to discard it, due to draws or discard luck. Regardless, Swarm is a great addition to any deck that discards a lot.

7/10 Wolverine

Wolverine, the most famous X-Men in modern pop culture by far, appears to be a decent card in Marvel Snap too. The ability is amazingly themed, showing Logan's regeneration capabilities beautifully. Wolverine is placed at a random location upon being destroyed or discarded.

This makes Wolverine a great addition to both dedicated discard decks and destruction decks. Thus, it has managed to become a commonly used card up until now. It can even put in some work depending on the random locations, as some of them can destroy cards.

6/10 Okoye

Okoye has managed to capture the hearts of many fans over the last few years, thanks to her badass appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luckily, she was not shafted and was given a decent ability to make her stand out. On reveal, Okoye gives +1 to all cards in your deck.

While a +1 buff across the board may not seem too substantial, just like Forge, Okoye is a great team player. Buffing cards that further multiply their own powers are extremely strong. Okoye is also great with the low-cost swarm decks, as a +1 on each card, when you're playing several, each turn is more than useful.

5/10 Multiple Man

Multiple Man could potentially be the poster child of the move decks, especially those of pools one and two. Having the standard 2/3 stat line, Multiple Man is decent on his own. What makes him amazing is, of course, the ability. When Multiple Man moves, he leaves a copy of himself at the old location.

An extra card of three power may not feel substantial enough, but it helps a lot with the consistency of move decks. Since such strategies focus on bouncing around a few cards, they sometimes struggle with board presence. Multiple Man is the perfect remedy for that, instantly increasing the deck's consistency.

4/10 Angela

In the current meta, there seem to be two general paces that the game is played at. Either you pick and choose power cards, playing one each turn, or sometimes even none, or you play several low-cost cards and try to swarm the field. Angela, while not bad in either style, is an absolute monster in the latter strategy.

Whenever you play a card in Angela's location, she gains +2 power. That makes Angela capable of seven power quite easily, and you could even push it further with cards like Nightcrawler. A great power push for low-cost swarm decks, for sure.

3/10 Kraven

Speaking of cards that get buffed in certain strategies, Kraven is another great example of this. He's a 2/2, to begin with, and gains +2 power each time a card is moved to his location. You heard it right — any card, and not just yours.

The ability already makes Kraven a must-play for any dedicated move deck. However, due to the popularity of move decks in general and cards like Nightcrawler, Kraven is bound to get a buff now and then, even if your deck doesn't move that much.

2/10 Daredevil

Daredevil, an absolute fan favorite both due to amazing comic runs and a great live-action portrayal in the MCU, luckily has a great card in Marvel Snap. It allows you to see what your opponent has played on turn five before committing yourself.

Just by imagining how many times you've regretted a certain play or a push at a specific location, this ability should speak for itself. Knowing what you're going against almost feels like cheating, especially in a late turn like turn five, but Daredevil makes that a reality and is surely worth considering for any deck.

1/10 Carnage

Many cards that are deck-agnostic, or ones that benefit a bit more from certain strategies, have been mentioned, but few are as dedicated to a deck as Carnage. Which makes sense, considering the character is all about destruction in the comics as well. On Reveal, Carnage destroys your other cards at that location and gains a +2 for each.

When used in a deck full of cards that either want to get destroyed, like Deadpool, or cards that don't care about getting destroyed, like Wolverine and Sabretooth, Carnage is incredible. Many cards of low costs fit into a strategy or benefit from it. However, Carnage takes the strategy to another level, becoming one of the lynchpins of the strategy.

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