Marvel Snap’s Least Used Cards Have Its Highest Win Rates, Says Creator

Marvel Snap is the worst thing to happen to TheGamer staff's productivity since, well, anything really. The ability to play with your favourite Marvel heroes and villains, or just play with pretty ladies you want to be your girlfriend means it's got something for everyone. But creator Ben Brode has revealed some surprising information about some of the most and least effective cards out there.

Speaking to Kotaku, Brode revealed that Human Torch and Multiple Man are the two cards that appear most infrequently yet win most of the time when they do. These two are most commonly found in movement decks, but why do they work better than heavier hitters like Vulture and Vision?

The answer could partially be because of one of the most-used but least-winning cards, Shang-Chi. His on reveal ability destroys any card wit ha power of nine or higher, and Vulture gets to 13 after being moved just twice, whereas Human Torch can stay at a nice eight and sneak by. Multiple Man can also just flood a board and can also be combined with Hulk Buster to get seven power copies everywhere.

It may be a surprise that the cards are this way round, but it just proves that Marvel Snap isn't about just playing the game, it's about outsmarting your opponent. Human Torch and Multiple Man aren't scary on their own, so a lot of players will ignore them, but with clever play they can become overwhelming.

With Shang-Chi it's the opposite. His effect is immediately seen as powerful, so everyone will use him even if they don't know how best to maximise his effectiveness. You'd have to stay on the back foot into turn six so that your opponent revealed before you, and you'd need to correctly guess where their high-power card was coming. It's a much taller order than just popping down Hulk and winning via brute force.

The decks I get beaten by most are the ones where I can't predict what's about to happen. Chaotic decks with a mixture of control, discard, and heavy hitters that mean I never know what card my opponent is going to play next. As soon as I work out what kind of deck I'm up against, I play accordingly, but when I have no idea what that deck is, I don't know how to counter-play and just have to hope for the best.

Nowhere is this more true than in movement decks. A turn six Heimdall is just as likely to win someone a game as lose it for them. That could be why Human Torch and Multiple Man are so high up in the rankings. Any movement player using them knows how to maximise their decks beyond just needing high power. They're moving a lot, bamboozling their opponent in the process.

So, stop worrying about what cards everyone else is using and start playing with the ones you know how to utilise best. That's how you'll win more.

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