Marvel’s Avengers Announces Upcoming Updates And New Playable Character

Marvel's Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics has laid out all of the upcoming changes coming to the game in Update 2.4, alongside the announcement that Jane Foster will be the next superhero joining the fight. Update 2.4 promises a bunch of tweaks to current game modes, although you'll have to wait until the release of Update 2.5 to be able to play as Foster.

Crystal Dynamics revealed the news on the official Marvel's Avengers Twitter account earlier today. The accompanying blog post on the game's official website explains that Update 2.4 will bring a host of tweaks and changes to current events like Cosmic Threat, Tachyon Anomaly, and Corrupted Vibranium, making Marvel's Avengers feel more rewarding.

You can't more in-depth details on these updates on the official Marvel's Avengers website, but the short of it is that rewards across events will be more diverse after Update 2.4. Meta objectives will reward you with higher-level gear for your entire roster, meaning that you can earn gear for another Hero whilst playing as your favorite, and Unit rewards are being added to a wider variety of event missions.

Crystal Dynamics doesn't provide a solid release date for Update 2.4 but promises that the team is targeting a May release. As for the addition of Jane Foster, she was heavily rumored to be the next Hero joining the game back in March, but now we finally have official confirmation. The developers didn't provide a release date for when she'll join, but she will be added alongside Update 2.5. It's very likely that Marvel's Avengers will use the upcoming release of Thor: Love and Thunder to release Jane Foster, so we can probably expect her to drop around July.

Speaking of Thor: Love and Thunder, the first teaser trailer for the movie was finally revealed by Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, and it looks to be just as bold and bombastic as Thor: Ragnarok. The highlight of the teaser though was our first look at Natalie Portman's portrayal of Jane Foster, who seems to be wielding a very familiar hammer.

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