Marvel’s Avengers: How Hero Challenge Cards Work

Hero Challenge Cards are the new term Marvel’s Avengers is using to call their rewards system. While it is very similar to the battle pass system other games use, there are some differences and little tweaks to the formula. Here’s everything you need to know about how Hero Challenge Cards work in Marvel’s Avengers.

Once you’ve progressed far enough in the story of Marvel’s Avengers, you will gain access to the Challenge Card tab in your menu. These are one of the ways the game will provide you with rewards as you complete challenges and milestones while playing the game. Each hero has their own unique challenge card with character-specific rewards, as well as generic rewards. If it all sounds a little confusing, we’ll break down all the important details for you.

What Are Hero Challenge Cards In Marvel’s Avengers

If you’re more familiar with the concept of a battle pass, then thinking of those is a good way to wrap your head around what Hero Challenge Cards are in concept. Where the differences come in are how you get them, the ways in which you can level them up, and of course the rewards.

How To Get Hero Cards

There are two tiers of Hero Challenge Cards that will be available in Marvel’s Avengers, but unlike other battle passes, you will automatically get the premium version of them for all six of the characters included in the base game. Once you get around two hours into the main game, you will be able to access the Hero Card tab in your menu at the far right.

However, when future DLC heroes are added to the game, their respective Hero Cards will not be free. They will cost the equivalent of $10 in Credits, the premium in-game currency, to unlock. The silver lining to that is you can earn more than that amount of Credits by completing the hero cards you already have if you are able to level them up high enough.

There are non-premium versions of the Hero Challenge Cards, presumably with fewer rewards, but until the first DLC hero is released we won’t know exactly how different they are.

How To Level Up Hero Challenge Cards

Every hero in the game has their own unique challenge card that must be leveled up individually. Every level will grant you a reward that can range from resources, Credits, skins, emotes, and more. There are 40 levels to progress in each card, so you will have plenty to do and get if you want to level them all up to max. If that’s what you’re after, you have two ways to go about it.

The quickest and easiest way to level up is also the most costly. You are able to purchase individual levels on any Hero Challenge Card to automatically. Every level costs 100 Credits, which works out to be about $1, so paying to max out a single card would cost around $40. If you wanted to pay to fully level all six starting characters, you’re looking at around $240.

If you’d rather not pay out the nose to get through your Hero Challenge Cards, the free alternative is to complete the two daily and two weekly challenges for each hero. When you look at your Challenge Card tab on each hero, you will see the daily and weekly challenges for that specific character at the bottom, along with what percentage you have them completed and how long before they expire and are replaced with new ones.

Make sure to check and complete them every day, but don’t worry too much if you can’t do them all for every character. Unlike other battle passes, Hero Challenge Cards are not on any kind of seasonal timer, so you have as long as you need to work your way through them.

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