Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Best Deck For Blade

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Upon awaking from their tomb, the first hero The Hunter encounters is Marvel's prolific dhampir, Blade. This offensive dynamo is one of the first squad members you'll control in Midnight Suns, so learning his key strategies is a must for completing early missions.

The best deck for Blade helps him capitalize on his ability to make his enemies bleed at the end of each turn. If you can target elite and boss characters with this unique ability, it will slowly deplete foes of vitality, making them quick work for Blade's teammates.

What Is Blade's Defining Feature?

Blade's defining feature in combat is the Bleeding ability. This potent effect allows him to induce his targets with gradual damage over each turn. It's a fantastic way to take down enemies with high health. Therefore, when using him in your squad, you must find openings to inflict targets with Bleeding whenever you can.

One powerful way to spread Bleeding among your enemies is Chain attacks, which allow Blade to simultaneously target and damage multiple enemies.

Unfortunately, while Blade is a potent offensive fighter, he lacks defense and squad support skills. So it's crucial to have teammates with him that can keep his vitality up and knockback opponents into his range. Fortunately, if you give Blade the support he needs, you'll get rewarded tenfold!

What Is Blade's Passive Ability?

Blade's passive ability, Cold Blooded, increases his chances of applying Bleeding to any target he damages with one of his abilities. So, even if the card he uses does not include Bleed or was not imbued with Bleed from another card, it will still have a chance to instill the effect in an enemy.

Cold Blooded's probability rises as your friendship with Blade evolves. Therefore, to get the most out of this passive ability, you must spend time with Blade through Haven hangouts, Yard training, and other bonding activities.

What Is The Best Deck For Blade?

Blade does not have as many cards to collect as The Hunter. However, your deck doesn't need much variety to get the most out of him. Common skills like Quick Strike, Stake, and Make 'em Bleed make a quick and easy foundation. Later, you can add rare, epic, and legendary cards to make Blade's strength much more potent!

Here are some of our favorite Blade cards that aren't too difficult to earn.


Quick Strike: A Quick card is essential for any hero because it will allow you to take down minions without wasting card plays. Quick Strike is a rudimentary Quick card. However, once upgraded, Quick Strike + adds additional damage if the targeted enemy has Bleed. At this level, it's possible to take down an elite without losing a card play! [+1 Heroism]

Strike: Strike is vital for your deck because of its Chain feature. Furthermore, the attack applies Bleed to its targets. So, if you need to get enemies bleeding fast, this is the card for the task. Once upgraded to Strike +, the ability gains a Chain target but loses its Bleed effect. So it's best to play Strike + after playing Make 'em Bleed. [+1 Heroism]

Relentless: This attack adds damage if its target was damaged during the same turn. Therefore, it is an excellent resource for building on Blade and his teammates' assaults. Once the card gets upgraded to Relentless +, the card's effects increase significantly. [+1 Heroism]


Make 'em Bleed: This card is necessary for your Blade deck because it will further spread Bleeding effects to enemies. Make 'em Bleed draws one Blade card, then applies 2 Bleed to the following two Blade damage cards played. It may feel wasteful to spend a play on a card draw. However, the results are worth the cost. Make 'em Bleed + lets you draw two Blade cards and adds the Bleed effect to the next three Blade damage cards. [+2 Heroism]

The Hunger: This card applies 2 Marked to every enemy with Bleed. So, if you KO an enemy affected by this card, you'll gain a card play. This effect will help you save card plays when taking down elites and bosses. Furthermore, The Hunger + adds a major health boost for each enemy with Bleed, and the card is Free to play! [+2 Heroism / + version: +0 Heroism]


Stake: Since Blade does not have many healing abilities, cards with Lifesteal, like Stake, are essential. This effect will give Blade equal health to the amount of damage he deals with this attack. Stake + deals significantly more damage and costs one less Heroism point. [Costs 3 Heroism / + version Costs 2 Heroism]

Savage: Blocked and protected enemies are a pain to deal with, distracting valuable card plays away from other vital tasks. Fortunately, Savage is an attack that inflicts additional damage when targeting a blocked opponent. Savage + increases this ability's damage and effects. [Costs 2 Heroism]

Daywalker: This epic card is more scarce to come by. Still, once you find one, it deserves a permanent spot in your deck. Daywalker can execute an attack chain of up to four targets! Combined with Make 'em Bleed, it's an effective card for inflicting the Bleed ailment on groups of enemies. Additionally, Daywalker + rewards a card draw for each KO achieved with the attack. [Costs 3 Heroism]

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