Mass Effect 2: Overlord Walkthrough

Mass Effect Legendary Edition contains over 40 DLC packs across all three games, meaning that the DLC story missions for each title are available as part of the normal campaign now. One of the story DLC packs for Mass Effect 2 is Overlord and completing this earns you the Digital Exorcist achievement/trophy.

This mission becomes available by reading a message from the Illusive Man at your Private Terminal. In the message, the Illusive Man asks you to investigate a Cerberus facility that has gone off the grid. This is a long mission with no opportunity to return to the Normandy once you start it, so prepare yourself accordingly. However, there are opportunities to change up your squadmates throughout.

Overlord Walkthrough

After reading the message from the Illusive Man, head over to the Phoenix Massing, go into the Typhon System, and travel to the planet Aite.

Hermes Station

On landing, you will be contacted by Dr. Gavin Archer who tells you about the Rogue VI and asks you to retract the transmission dish. Before you go inside, head down the ramp on your right to grab some Refined Palladium.

Head inside and you will be able to speak to Dr. Archer on a monitor; he tells you the VI has taken control of the geth and has barricaded itself in the facility.

Go to the right of the monitor and shoot out the cracked glass, then jump into the room to grab Archer’s Log, interact with the Medical Station for medi-gel, then interact with the Cerberus Terminal and recover the funds to get some credits.

Afterward, go through the door and then head into the control room on your right. Grab Archer’s Log to the left of the Control Panel first, then use the panel to retract the dish.

Unfortunately, the VI has overwritten the controls and plans to upload itself off-world. Dr. Archer implores you to destroy the antennae to stop it. Leave the command room from the door on the far left of the control panel.

You’ll start to see the green face of the VI appearing on various screens and systems. Proceed onwards and ensure you grab the PDA before you descend down the stairs into a new corridor. Go through the door at the end of this corridor and take out the geth you encounter inside.

Once the geth are destroyed, jump into the kitchen area and interact with the Cafe Register and the Medical Station to grab some credits and medi-gel. Next, head into the back room behind the kitchen area to grab some Power Cells.

Looking back into the area from the back room, head left out of the kitchen into the tram area and take a left to go up the stairs, then head to the room at the far end. Inside is a Wall Safe and another Archer’s Log.

Head back across the upper level to the stairs and descend down into the tram area, where you can salvage the Spare Parts and use the Medical Station before continuing onwards. When ready, interact with the Tram to head to the next area.

Once the tram has stopped, head inside and then out the other side. You’ll find yourself on a metal catwalk, take the first left and grab the Power Cells before continuing on and dealing with the geth. Head into the next alcove on your left to use the Medical Station, grab the Refined Palladium, and listen to another Archer’s Log.

At the end of the catwalk, use the Terminal to extend the walkway. As you reach the door to the next building, you’ll come under fire from some geth. Take these out and then bypass the lock on the door to get in.

Once inside, you’ll be fighting even more waves of geth and this can be quite the battle. Once all the geth are down, you can proceed upstairs. Archer will contact you to tell you to take out the struts, so you need to work your way around interacting with the Strut Consoles to expose the capacitors and then shoot out the capacitors. However, each time you do, geth will appear and attack you.

Once all three have been destroyed, the dish will collapse and Dr. Archer will arrive to speak with you. This is the end of this portion of the assignment. 

Archer will tell you more about Project Overlord, how it was his brother who was used to create a human-VI hybrid and that he has unfortunately become a virus. Head out the door and get in the Hammerhead when you are ready to continue your mission.

Planet Surface

Once you leave Hermes Station, you’ll find yourself on the planet’s surface in the Hammerhead. There will be a proximity indicator on the screen to show you how close you are to your next destination. To get to the Vulcan Station you need to follow the path to the left.

On your way, there is a Cerberus Data Packet that you can collect. There are six in this area to collect. In the original Mass Effect 2, this unlocked the Data Hound achievement/trophy, but this doesn’t exist in the Legendary Edition. Most of the data packets will be guarded by turrets and if you want to collect them all, you must do so before proceeding into the Atlas Station.

Just past where the first Data Packet was, you can proceed to the Vulcan Station. 

Vulcan Station

The path forward is linear, just be sure to jump over the lava streams, and in the first building that you come to, speed past the initial steam vents, then use the final one to reach the upper area outside.

Take out the turret and continue forwards. You’ll arrive at a fork in the path; taking a left will get you some Iridium, and taking a right will head towards your destination. You’ll come to a lava river where you have to jump across the rocks to get to the other side. Be warned — when you land on them, they don’t stay afloat for long.

When you get to the other side, use the steam vent to travel upwards and then enter the building. Continue inside and take out any mechs you encounter as you make your way through. In the end room, grab the Research Log on your left before interacting with the Valve A3 Control to bypass it.

Head back down through the building and exit it to carry on to your next destination.

Once outside, take a left and use the steam vent to travel up to the next area. Take out the turret and grab the Iridium that was next to it. Continue forwards and you’ll need to navigate another lava stream.

Once you get to to the other side of the lava, you can grab more Iridium (and take out more turrets) by jumping up the step-like rocks on your left, while taking the steam vent on your left takes you to more Iridium.

When you’re ready, continue forward down the main path and cross yet another lava stream and travel upstream towards the next building. Enter when you’re ready.

Once inside, head into the next room and continue forwards. Take a right when you can and interact with the Valve D4 Control and bypass the controls.

Continue back round to the right and take out the Explosive Container then head up and grab the Med Kit before taking out the mechs at the top of the stairs.

As you carry on, you’ll encounter some drones that you need to take care of too. Once you’ve defeated all of the enemies, find the path at the back of this area and follow it around to the silver piping and climb on top of it to the next level.

The room on your left has a Wall Safe you can interact with to get some credits as well as a Research Log. Leave the room and take the first left. Use the Medical Station on the wall as you pass it, then get ready for a battle in the next room. Your biggest problem is going to be the YMIR Mech, so be careful when taking this one on.

To the right of the door you entered through, you can find a Computer that will give you some credits, then head up the stairs at the back of this floor and bypass the door there when you are ready.

A cutscene will play when you enter the room at the top; it shows a VI-controlled mech trying to destroy the override console. You and your team take it out and you use the override. This is the end of this portion of the assignment.

Prometheus Station

Once on the planet’s surface again, you can get to the Prometheus Station by traveling forward and then taking a right at the waterfall. Just follow the arrow indicator if you are unsure.

A cutscene will play as you approach and Archer will explain that Prometheus Station (which is essentially a crashed geth ship) has shields around it. The VI has also gained control of the geth cannon and it will fire at you when you are close enough.

What you need to do is wait near the Generator Shields until the geth canon targets you, quickly get out of the range of fire, and let the cannon take out the shields. Do this with all of the Generator Shields and manually take out any left standing once the canon has removed their shields.

Once all of them are destroyed, the shield around the canon will fall and you can take this out, though keep moving to avoid getting hit by it as you do so. After you’ve taken out the canon, grab the Platinum that was near one of the generators and then exit the Hammerhead near the station. Grab the Refined Platinum before going through the station doors.

Continue forwards into the first room where you will see a suspended Geth Prime. You don’t have to deal with this guy just yet, but you’ve probably already correctly guessed that you will have to deal with it later.

There’s a Research Log to the right of the geth at the back of the room, so grab this and then go upstairs. You’ll find another Research Log in front of you, then head right down the path where there is some Lab Equipment that you can salvage.

Continue further into the base, grab the Research Log and Med Kit from the end of the hallway, then turn around and take the door on your right. In the next area, take a left and follow the path round to find some Lab Equipment to salvage. Then head back and continue forward, grabbing the Research Log as you pass it, and taking the final door on the right.

Continue forward and take a right, jumping over the obstacle and heading left into the room to salvage the Lab Equipment. Then head back down the corridor and continue forward, grab the Research Log, then take the door at the end.

Grab the Research Log from the right side of the room and then exit through the door on the far side. Continue through this passage and enter into the next room. You can see where you need to get on the far side of the room, but you can’t reach it yet. Head up the stairs on your left and move the platforms using the screen in front of you.

(Optional) You want to arrange the platforms as shown below, so you can reach the area on the right of the room and grab the Med Kit and Laptop (for credits):

Next, you want to arrange the platforms as shown below to reach your intended destination:

Head across the platforms, grab the Med Kit and Laptop on your right and then use the Override Switch.

Doing this activates the nearby geth as well as plenty of other geth in the station. You now have to backtrack out of the station while taking out all of the geth and staying alive. Don’t forget, you’ll have that Geth Prime to deal with in the final room.

Once all the geth are destroyed, head back outside and enter the Hammerhead. This is the end of this portion of the assignment.

Atlas Station

On the planet’s surface, head back the way you came and aim for the waterfall that you took a right at. You want to go into the waterfall to find the Atlas Station.

As before, when entering the station, you will have an opportunity to swap out your squad and change your weapons. However, it’s worth noting at this point that there will be a portion of this station where Shepard has to fight alone, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Archer will contact you to say that the VI is attempting to upload itself, so you need to get to the server room to stop it. Head through the first door and interact with the Damaged Machinery on the other side.

Head left from the machinery and go through the door. Continue forward and take the first door on the left that you can (right after the VI makes all the doors lock). Inside this room, you can grab a Med Kit and salvage some Computer Hardware before heading down and attempting to use the elevator at the rear of the room.

  • The elevator is broken, so when you attempt to summon it, so it will only go to level two.
  • Press the button again to get it to level four.
  • Head back upstairs and use the Secure Computer to get it to reach level seven (the floor you are on).

When the elevator arrives, so do a bunch of geth. Kill all the geth and then get in the elevator for a bumpy ride.

When you enter the next room, be sure to examine the Damaged Geth to your right to get the Heavy Skin Weave upgrade. There’s also some Refined Palladium you can grab and a Computer you can hack for credits.

When you’re ready, exit the room on the far right and go down the hallway. When you interact with the door at the far end, the VI will hack it and you’ll have to go through the door on your left instead.

Inside is the VI Server Console and the point of no return for the outcome of this mission. Once you access the console, Shepard will be on their own.

You’ll find yourself in a strange hybrid of reality and digital space. Continue through the door and take a right, taking out all the geth as they approach you.

At the end of the corridor, go through the door and you’ll start to see digital projections of what happened with David and his brother Dr. Archer. There is Refined Palladium you can grab on your left and some Power Cells at the far right side of the room. Once each digital scene ends, you can interact with other digital orbs to make new scenes play out and see more of the story.

When you are ready, go into the next room by jumping over the barrier and get rid of the geth in there. Grab the Med Kit and access the Wall Safe before leaving this room through the door on the left. Go down the hallway and shoot the VI Connection to continue further.

In the next room, grab the Power Cells, Refined Palladium, and salvage the Hardware before interacting with the Elevator Controls. The elevator will arrive with plenty of geth aboard, so take these out.

If you want a manual save before the final decision point of this mission, save now. Then when you are ready, take the elevator down. Another digital flashback will play out and then David/the VI will attempt to upload himself to the Normandy, so you need to stop him.

The boss battle begins with you having to destroy the glowing VI Connection orb. Once it’s gone, the shields around the VI Core will fall for a short time, allowing you to attack it. When the shields return, so will more VI Connections.

Rinse and repeat, only David will start summoning geth to attack you while you take out out the VI Connections. Once you’ve managed to deplete the VI Core, the true David will be revealed and a cutscene with Dr. Archer will begin.

You will be given two options at the end of this, each of which has differing consequences. We have a guide right here on what happens should you take David with you or leave him with Dr. Archer.

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