McDonald’s Ad Reveals New Details On Happy Meal Pokemon Cards

McDonald's is reportedly getting back into the Pokemon game. A recently leaked image on Twitter shows an upcoming team up between the Pokemon The Card Game and the fast food chain. If true, then the restaurant’s Happy Meals may soon include official Pokemon cards, coins, and spinners. We heard that Pokemon would be collaborating with McDonald's last month, but the merch has now been revealed.

This report comes from Twitter user @pokejungle, an account dedicated to Pokemon news, rumors, and merch. They posted an image of an officialvlooking ad promoting the potential collab. However, along with the image they did note that they “could not verify its authenticity”.

The image in question shows that from August 9 to September 26, Happy Meals will include a Pokemon Trading Card Game booster pack with four cards. They will also have a new “Match Battle” spinner and a coin that features one of several different Pokemon.

Each week, two Pokemon will be highlighted on the coins that customers can get. The first week will feature Rowlet and Smeargle. Other featured Pokemon include Pikachu, Growlithe, Victini, Gossifleur, and Growlithe. The color spinner will also change each week.

Of course, if this is indeed true, this wouldn’t be the first time that McDonald's and Pokemon have worked together. Last year, Pokemon Happy Meals featured exclusive Pokemon cards for all the starters. Unfortunately, the event did not go as smoothly as planned with scalpers taking advantage of the promotion. This led to some restrictions on how many Happy Meals customers could purchase.

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