Meet top founders, investors, and experts at the Freshworks ‘Against All Odds Startup Summit’

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Ever since the pandemic forced you indoors, webinar after webinar after webinar has worn you out. There’s no way you’re attending another webinar. Not even if the world’s most successful venture capitalist or the world’s most successful marketer were to host a virtual event where you get an experience that’s almost close to a physical event. Wait. What?

Well, maybe you’ll attend if it is the world’s most successful investor. And the absolute best in marketing. And what if we add the absolute best in finance, entrepreneurship, and technology to the mix? If you’re a bit tempted by now, read on until you reach the “Apply Now” link at the bottom. You’ll know what to do then.

Freshworks for Startups is recreating an entire physical event experience through the Against All Odds Startup Summit with some of the biggest thought leaders from the world of startups. Unlike usual virtual events, this summit aims to facilitate 1:1 networking sessions, VC Connects, roundtable discussions, and experiential learning on a single platform.

Fresh insights, roundtables, and frameworks

Around 30+ speakers from two key ecosystem verticals — the VCs and established startups — will share their perspective about how you can leverage the market, including local and global opportunities to grow. The session moderators will encourage founders to join in and shed light on the real-world struggles they face and will cover a range of topics — from growth strategies to funding.

Some of the startup founders and leaders who will be leading these sessions include:

  • Girish Mathrubootham, CEO & Founder, Freshworks Inc.
  • Michael Moritz, Partner, Sequoia Capital
  • Seth Godin, Entrepreneur and Author
  • Cal Henderson, Co-founder & CTO, Slack
  • Elad Gil, Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Barry Padgett, COO, Amperity, Ex-CRO, Stripe
  • Johanna Flower, CMO, Crowdstrike
  • Tyler Sloat, CFO, Freshworks

An online venue for networking

Imagine attending a conference and wasting a lot of your time meeting people who have zero relevance to you or your business. There is no scope to cut a conversation or switch to another person without being rude. Against All Odds is designed to enable more interactions, similar to a speed dating format, with 10-minute slots for each person you connect with. You can also schedule meetings with other attendees based on the profile.

This opens up opportunities to identify new businesses and mentors who can help the startup grow further.

Scope to raise funding through VC and investor connects 

Amidst this pandemic, there are investors charging ahead on investments in startups projecting growth. A lot of founders may be missing out on this due to a lack of platforms to connect with them. That’s why the event aims to make it work by enabling VC connections if there is a double opt-in by the founder and the VC. The event aims to enable at least 500+ such pitches.

Participating VCs include:

  • Accel
  • Sequoia
  • 500 Startups
  • Differential Ventures
  • Secocha, Qualcomm
  • Sure Ventures
  • and VCs from some of the other top funds and accelerators

A pay-it-forward initiative for startups

Startup founders find it difficult to cater to several service requests without being distracted from their core business. Freshworks’ solutions provide businesses of all sizes, including startups and SMBs, powerful and affordable automation tools that help businesses scale and thrive.

In just 10 years, Freshworks Inc. has become one of the fastest-growing startups in the world. Today with the launch of the Freshworks for Startups initiative, we aim to share their learnings with the startup community, with whom they share their roots. The idea behind Against All Odds Startup Summit is to create a platform to pay it forward. Eligible startups get access to up to $10000 in credits on Freshworks products.

Apply now to witness action-packed talks and roundtables by the best of the startup ecosystem. Against All Odds Startup Summit brings together 1000+ founders, 40+ speakers, and VCs.

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