Metal: Hellsinger – How To Defeat The Red Judge Aspect In Stygia

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The Red Judge Aspect in Stygia is the second boss you’ll face while headbanging in Metal: Hellsinger. This one presents a few new tricks, like dangers in the arena, and new ways of throwing projectiles.

Destroying this aspect requires a bit more scenery observation as there will be more things to keep in mind. Luckily, with the new weapon you’ll unlock in Stygia, there won’t be too much of a problem beating this pitty skull with wings. Let’s check everything you need to know about the boss below.

The Red Judge Aspect In Stygia Overview

This arena consists of a circle with a few pillars around it and some smaller platforms separated that you can jump into. Don’t lose sight of these since they will let you run away from creatures, and they can have a Fury boost or a green crystal when you need backup.

The most important addition to the aspect in Stygia is that it will throw a beam from its mouth from time to time. You’ll be able to predict it because you’ll notice that the boss moves away from the main circle and needs to charge it. This move attacks in a linear pattern, from down to up, and the beam lasts a few seconds.

From time to time, the arena will get certain sections electrified. These are the ones glowing blue. Stay for a moment too long and the electricity actually appears, taking part of your health if you’re nearby.

Regarding the rest of this Red Judge Aspect’s projectiles, they will be thrown like the one in Voke (from the sides or in a horizontal line), adding also vertical lines. However, the number of fireballs will be significantly increased for each of these moves.

Its special move, performed when it’s about to get stunned, will also be a barrage of multiple projectiles, but something new will happen when the boss recovers from this state. It’ll come to the center of the arena and start throwing large lines of fireballs. The first ones will be on the floor level, but the creature will throw some others at a jump height to mess with you.

How To Defeat The Red Judge Aspect In Stygia

The most important threats to keep in mind during this fight are the environmental ones and that “jumping section” when the aspect recovers from its stunned state.

For the first one, always look at the floor and pay attention to where you’re stepping into. The blue areas can change, and they won’t electrocute you right away when you touch them if they aren’t turned on, but you’ll only have a few seconds to move. During the whole battle, you won’t really need to move much from the main circle arena — unless you have to reach a boost or crystal from the other platforms.

The large lines of projectiles can be tricky since you might think that double jumping will keep you safe, but you have to jump only once per line to avoid the third one that goes up. This will become more complicated as the fight goes on since the next versions of this move will add more lines. However, don’t lose your mind. The principle will be the same: jump just once for each of the lower ones, and remain on the floor for the upper ones.

As always, keep making your shoots on the beat, doing justice to the banger sounding in the background. If you are failing too much and can’t get a good multiplier, just grab the Fury boost right away — although we recommend leaving it for later in the fight.

For the rest of the battle, the usual deal. Dash to the sides when the boss throws the shorter lines of fireballs, and you’ll be fine. Keep in mind that you can dash three times in a row as long as you follow the beat of the song. However, you’ll need only one for the beam attack, which is slow and gives you a few seconds to avoid.

Beware of being in front of the boss when it’s about to get stunned. The barrage of projectiles is pretty hard to avoid if you’re that close.

While you’re avoiding all the flying stuff, know that the best weapon to use here is The Hounds thanks to its range and damage. Of course, you can change between the pistols and the shotgun, which will make more damage when the enemy is at close range. But keep in mind that The Hounds’ Ultimate is one of the most broken in the game — it creates a doppelganger that will shoot any enemy around, dealing considerable damage and also helping you fill your Fury gauge.


When this aspect is defeated, you’ll unlock the next level, Yhelm, new Torments, and a nice Hit Streak Boon.

The latter is the Faster Ultimate Gain Boon, which will increase how quickly you fill your Ultimate bar with any weapon. You have to be in Hit Streak 14 to activate it.

On the other hand, the Torments that will be unlocked are Giantslayer: I, Weapon Trickery: I, and Relic Thief: II.

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