Metro Exodus: 7 Best Mods

Metro Exodus is one of the most fascinating first-person open-world titles (that a ton of people are sleeping on). The Metro series, in general, has been nothing short of an underrated gem, and fans were somewhat anxious to see how the franchise would develop with an open world. Well, there was really no reason to worry — Metro Exodus was a fantastic experience from start to end that fans absolutely adored.

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With the release of the Enhanced Edition, gamers can now either experience this marvel with upgraded graphics for the first time or play the game once again. Regardless of the position these players may be in, there's no denying that a few mods will definitely improve the overall experience. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the best mods that players can download to improve their experience with the game.

No-Intro Videos Fix

The worst thing that players have to deal with while starting a game is the onslaught of annoying intro screens that they've seen time and time again. Watching the name of a developer come up once is informative, but for it to appear time and time again can get extremely annoying.

So players who want to avoid this annoyance every single time they boot up Metro Exodus can opt for the No-Intro Videos Fix instead. True to its name, this mod ensures that players don't have to sit through these repetitive intro videos over and over again.

All Weapons – Modded Savegame

The gameplay of Metro Exodus is especially nail-biting during the early goings since Artem barely has any equipment on him. This makes it the need of the hour for the player to use both their firepower and wits during early encounters to ensure that they don't end up getting caught between a rock and a hard place.

However, there might be players who want to go all out during a replay of the game, or just want to experience the combat of the game at its highest level from the get-go. For these players, this modded save game serves as the perfect solution.

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With this save game, players can start off in the first open location of the game with all the weapons, upgrades, and modifications that can possibly be attained. Tearing through Volga with such an unbalanced character is certainly a blast, and makes for a rather unique way to play a game that generally relies on tense moments and limited firepower during combat encounters.

Anna Mod Pack

Anna is one of the most important characters in the game, with the relationship that she shares with Artem driving a major chunk of the game's story. So, it's only a given that players would appreciate the opportunity to customize Anna in order to enhance their personal experience of playing Metro Exodus.

This can be achieved with the Anna Mod Pack, which allows players to choose from a wide range of looks and customizations to change up Anna's appearance, as they see fit. Of course, this mod is one of the more subjective additions on this list — for the majority of players, Anna looks perfectly fine and doesn't need to be customized in the slightest. However, it's still a neat way to add some variety to the game's presentation.

Change Difficulty If Selected Ranger Difficulty

The Ranger Hardcore difficulty is the hardest mode available for Metro Exodus, which turns the game into a nerve-wracking experience where a single misstep can lead to the player's death. The worst part about this difficulty is that players can't reduce it if they bite off more than they can chew — these unfortunate players need to either go through the hardest mode at a grueling place or start the game over again at a lower difficulty setting.

Well, with this mod, players will harbor no regrets if the Ranger Hardcore difficulty ends up being a bit too much for them to handle. This mod adds a simple workaround that circumvents the restrictions players of sticking to Ranger Hardcore, which is a great way to make the hardest difficulty accessible without having to punish the player.

More Authentic Textures

Given how immersive the world of Metro Exodus really is, a small section of players would want the attention to detail present in this game to be absolutely immaculate. However, there are some aspects of the game that aren't completely accurate (mainly due to reasons beyond the control of 4A Games), such as the Russian Federation being unceremoniously referred to as the USSR in some textures.

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The More Authentic Textures mod aims to replace these textures to allow for a more realistic and immersive experience while going through the game. This mod might seem like nothing more than a texture replacer for uniforms, railroad cars, and posters — among other such elements in the game — but gamers who focus on these small details will find their immersion to be improved extensively with this mod.

Metro Exodus Redux

There are numerous reshades and graphic mods available for Metro Exodus that end up changing and overhauling the visuals in many ways. However, most people would agree that most of these mods end up compromising on the intended atmosphere of the game.

This is precisely why Metro Exodus Redux is such a brilliant mod. Not only does it turn an already great-looking game into a gorgeous one, but it also manages to do that without compromising on the visual integrity of the vanilla experience!

Performance And Gameplay Enhancer

At a glance, the changes made by this mod might seem rather minor. After all, the only things this mod does are tone down the motion blur, disable foliage shadows, and remove any artificial mouse input delay.

However, the overall effect that these changes have on the gameplay is truly phenomenal. All of a sudden, players who might've been experiencing minor issues with Metro Exodus will find themselves experiencing little to no problems whatsoever, with everything from traversal to combat turning into an absolute blast!

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