Mia Won’t Be Voiced By Jane Levy In Evil Dead: The Game

Jane Levy has confirmed that she won't be voicing Mia for Evil Dead: The Game.

In a real treat for fans of Evil Dead, Saber Interactive recently revealed that it is adding David and Mia from the 2013 reboot into Evil Dead: The Game as playable survivors later this month. Sadly, despite almost every original voice actor returning to voice their character, it looks like Mia isn't going to be one of them as Jane Levy has confirmed that she wasn't involved in the game.

Over on Twitter, an Evil Dead fan asked Jane Levy straight up whether she had lent her voice or likeness to Mia for the game. In response, Levy revealed that she was actually supposed to, but due to a "miscommunication", she wasn't able to in the end. Still, Levy seemed positive about the character's inclusion in the game and hoped to see her pop up elsewhere.

Levy said, "I didn't! I was going to and there was a miscommunication and I ultimately wasn't able to! ūüôĀ I love that there is so much MIA love out there. Let's see where else she resurrects". Although the original Tweet asked about Levy giving both her likeness and voice to the character, it seems that she's just referring to the voice, as the character model that was shown of Mia is clearly based on Levy herself.

Now that Mia has been confirmed to have a different voice actor, Evil Dead fans are a little concerned whether Shiloh Fernandez will return to voice David, who was recently revealed to be joining as a survivor alongside Mia. Fernandez hasn't mentioned his inclusion in the game since it's been announced, so it doesn't seem likely that he's come back to portray the character.

Mia and David aren't the only new characters coming to Evil Dead: The Game on September 8 – a new Demon, Plaguebringer, is also being added, based on the witch that gets taken out by Ash's boomstick in Army of Darkness.

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