Microsoft Officially Announce Smaller Next-Gen Xbox Series S for $299 USD

Following several leaks on its existence, Microsoft has officially announced a second next-generation console called the Xbox Series S. Although it appears the announcement came prematurely due to the leaks, there aren’t too many official details on the system.

The Xbox Series S has a slim, white appearance and will deliver “next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever,” despite the Xbox Series X already being small in comparison to the next-gen PlayStation 5. Microsoft has also confirmed the system will cost $299 USD. According to sources, many believe the console will feature similar internals to the Series X, but with less powerful CPU/GPU and no disc drive. If so, the console may be the cheapest way to play new games, but at the cost of 4K capabilities.

The new console features a large vent on top, which most assume is to keep the internals cool. It also has a similar design to the Xbox One S but appears to be a third of the volume of its Series X contemporary. According to a promotional video leaked following Microsoft’s announcement, the Xbox Series S will target 1440p gaming at “up to 120fps.” It will feature raytracing, variable-rate shading, variable refresh rate, and ultra-low latency support similar to its counterpart, but with only 512GB of storage. The console will also upscale games to 4K and the console can playback 4K media.

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