Minecraft Adds VR Support on PS4

Minecraft is getting full VR support on PS4 using the PSVR headset. Finally, you’ll be able to leave all of 2020’s worries behind and live in a cave.

VR support for the PS4 version of Minecraft has been in the planning stages since cross-platform play and the Bedrock version were added. Support for VR will come in a patch this month.

According to the announcement post, this will be full-fat Minecraft. In other words, it’s not a siphoned off mode or a minigame – it’s Minecraft as you know it, just wrapped around your entire head.

You play the game using your PS4 controller, so there’s no need for Move Controllers, and the VR mode comes with a bunch of tweaks for movement.

There are two main modes: Immersive and Living Room mode, presumably for big rooms and small rooms respectively. I’ll go for the one that doesn’t make me dive into my TV when I hear the hiss of a Creeper sneaking up on me.

The VR mode was built using the same tech developer Mojang worked with for other VR platforms, optimised for PS4 with the help of SkyBox Labs and Sony.

If you have PSVR, you can play Minecraft in VR when it releases later this month.

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