Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 1 Is Adding Screaming Goats, Glow Squids And Axolotls

Mojang has detailed the three new mobs coming to Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Part 1, including glow squids, goats and axolotls.

The news was delivered through a new video on the official YouTube channel, similarly to the last Caves & Cliffs. This video has Brandon and Nir talking about the new mobs in the game, how to find them and how they’ll react to the other mobs in the game. The video specifically talks about the mobs coming in “Part 1”, so there might be more on the way in the second update.

The first of the new mobs is the axolotl. Axolotls will be found in the Lush Caves in Part 2 of the update, but can be found in underground lakes during Part 1. One unique element of this mob is that when it gets to a low amount of health, it’ll play dead to regenerate some health. Glow squids will also spawn in underground lakes similarly to the Axolotls, and seem to act like ordinary squids but with the key difference of lighting up underwater.

Goats are the last mob detailed in the video and are by far the most interesting out of the three. They can apparently be found on high mountaintops, where you’ll likely hear them as they’re apparently very noisy. They will also ram players, which is shown in the video and can even be used as a catapult of sorts if combined with a glider.

One of the most interesting things revealed in this video is that the game will very rarely spawn in a screaming goat, which will make a lot more noise than a regular one. The developers say that screaming goats have something very important to tell the player and that they should be kept as they’re very rare.

In the last update for Caves & Cliffs, Mojang detailed some of the 91 new blocks being added to the game, including powder snow blocks and drip leaves that players can jump on. It also detailed some of the changes being made to ore, and highlighted some of the uses for copper.

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