Minecraft Esports In China Uses Devil May Cry Music For Promotion

First of all, yes, there is a Minecraft esports scene. It actually got started around four years ago where two teams face off in an arena-style map armed with whatever they can construct. It’s basically like a team deathmatch version of Fortnite, but with super-low poly counts.

It doesn’t look all that impressive now, but just wait until Minecraft gets ray-tracing support.

Second of all, Minecraft esports is big in China, and as has been the case in China since the technology age began, they’re not too particular about copyright laws in their promotional material.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad recently posted a video that shows us a NetEase ad for Minecraft esports, and it seems to feature music taken from Devil May Cry 5. This is probably an illegal reproduction unless Capcom gave NetEase permission to use the DMC5 soundtrack in their advertising, and is just another example of how hard it is to keep a handle on intellectual property theft in China.

Although the music seems appropriate given the bizarrely frenetic action in Minecraft esports, we can’t help but think it’s still not quite as good as the soothing rhythms of the original Minecraft score. Maybe they should revert back to the initial soundtrack and re-record this commercial entirely.

Now, if you want a REAL Minecraft esport, your best option is actually Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Steve and the gang are the latest DLC characters for Smash Bros, and he looks like a real hoot to play. Just, uh, watch out for his blocks. Apparently, there’s a glitch that’ll cause you to completely fall through the map if you try to smash those blocks, and that often means instant death.

On top of that, Steve’s victory poses has him holding his meat right out there in the open for God and everyone to see. If that’s not bad sportsmanship, I dunno what is.

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