Minecraft Live 2020 Announced For October 3

Minecraft Live is coming in October and will once again bring a brand new community-voted mob to the game.

At last year’s Minecon, the community voted for Piglins (previously known as Zombie Pigmen) to officially join Minecraft as its newest mob. This year with Minecraft Live, a rebranding that became necessary thanks to COVID-19, developer Mojang is doing the same thing again by having everyone vote on what mob they want to add to the game.

Oh, and they’ll be announcing some other stuff in a day-long livestream event. Which sounds much less interesting, frankly.

Minecraft Live will take place on October 3rd at noon EST. The livestreamed show will be “packed with juicy Minecraft news, content creators, and will include a pre-show and community vote to actually influence the game!”

Last year’s convention brought us a ton of big announcements, including Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons, tons of new biomes, bees and honey, and of course, the aforementioned Piglins. If we had to guess, we’d say that there are more Minecraft Dungeons DLC announcements coming and maybe some more biomes.

Check out the official Minecraft Live website for updates on what to expect come October 3rd.

In the meantime, if you’ve got a GeForce RTX 2060 or better, you can check out the new RTX-enabled version of Minecraft in this ongoing beta. Nvidia recently announced two brand new, fully ray-traced worlds will be available to download for free from the Minecraft Marketplace, and both will feature the same sort of gorgeous simulated light that we’ve come to expect from RTX.

Or if you’re less about fancy graphics and more about dinosaurs and movie tie-ins, you could get the Jurassic World DLC pack with over 60 dinosaurs and a blocky representation of Chris Pratt. He still has a sexy beard, though.

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