Minecraft Steve Is No Longer Packing Meat After Smash Bros. Patch

It’s a sad day for Smash Bros. fans, as one of the most powerful things in the game has been nerfed. Newcomer Steve, of Minecraft fame, had a victory animation where he ate meat. But the way he held it was a little… suggestive. It quickly became a big joke on the internet, and Nintendo apparently noticed. The latest patch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate robs poor Steve of his big, stiff meat.

The theft of Steve’s meat was noticed almost immediately after Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.1 dropped earlier in the evening. The animation in question was from Steve’s victory pose. He used to munch on the meat and then lower it as the other fighters appeared to give him a courtesy clap. Now he apparently finished the meal and puts his arms politely by his sides.

Twitter user @Plun_Yu recorded the sequence on video below.

Patch 9.0.1 is a small one, and entirely focused on Steve. It fixes a well-known issue where Steve’s crafted blocks could cause fighters to fall through the stage. But no one’s really talking about that. They’re too busy mourning the loss of Steve’s meat.

Nintendo must have forgotten that, when it comes to the internet, trying to erase something only calls more attention to it. The Streisand Effect is in full swing here as Steve’s missing meat is the undisputed highlight of Patch 9.0.1. Farewell, sweet meat, we hardly knew ye.

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