Minecraft YouTuber Creates A Playable Version Of The Legend Of Zelda

Minecraft players recreating some of their favorite games with nothing but the tools they're given is nothing new, as we've seen several amazing creations inspired by games ranging from Bloodborne to The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. However, it's not very often you see someone actually recreate a playable version of a game inside of Minecraft itself, but that's exactly what a YouTuber by the name of C1OUS3R has done with The Legend of Zelda.

Uploaded to their YouTube channel earlier today (thanks Kotaku), C1OUS3R takes us through the entire process of recreating the game without the use of third-party mods or resource packs, to ensure the finished version is as accessible as possible. Instead, they decide to edit the textures directly, allowing them to build the entire Legend of Zelda overworld from scratch, editing textures further to allow them to make the world look a little more 3D.

Of course, you can't have The Legend of Zelda without Link, which meant C1OUS3R had to get a little creative. After creating a model of Link, they then overlay the model onto a carved pumpkin and then make the player invisible, giving off the impression that you're playing as him. Through a bunch of in-game tricks I'm not going to pretend to understand, they make it so Link's model turns in the direction he's walking and also make the player constantly blind to stop them from sprinting and jumping.

As for the game's enemies, not every single one is present in this version of The Legend of Zelda, simply because there are too many. C1OUS3R picks a select few, gives them their own AI, and dots them around the map for players to fight. After creating a dungeon, more enemies within, and other features like keys and item drops, the build is finally finished and then showcased by two other YouTubers. If you're wanting a more detailed explanation, the video is embedded above for you to check out, but make sure to drop a like if you want to play this little project as C1OUS3R is only releasing it to the public if their video hits 5,000 likes.

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